Obama Illegally Bypasses Congress–Sends $192,000,000 to Hamas/Muslem Brotherhood!

Will Boehner and the House of Representatives Fight Back?

    His royal majesty the president “waived” his magic wand and declared that the Palestinians had met all of the criteria set forth by Congress when that body FROZE the funding for $192,000,000 to the Palestinians.  Obama declared a WAIVER all by himself, then sent Hillary Clinton to go talk to Boehner and give him the good news!  I guess Michelle’s skirt wasn’t around for him to hide behind!  The only problem is that the Palestinians have not met any of the criteria set forth by Congress. 

    Last September, the leader of the Palestinian Authority (PA), Mahmoud Abbas, defied the US and attempted to declare Palestinian statehood unilaterally.  The funding freeze by Congress was an attempt to thwart this unilateral effort to declare statehood as well as to isolate the inroads being made by the radical Muslim Brotherhood’s Hamas organization inside of Palestine.  The MB’s Hamas group is a terrorist organization that endorses terrorism against Israel as “resistance.”  Further, the PA has refused to recognize Israel’s right to exist!  So, your majesty, the PA has not satisfied the conditions of the Congressional Freeze and you did not have the authority to declare a WAIVER and bypass a duly authorized function of Congress. 

     As late as last November, Adil Sadeq, a PA official was quoted as saying about Israel’s right to exist:

“They ignore the fact that this state (Israel), based on a fabricated [Zionist] enterprise, never had any shred of a right to exist…”

     Does this sound like a moderated position by the PA?  Further, Hamas, aided by the New Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt, has been lobbing rockets into Israel for the past 4 months.  OBAMA IS FLAT OUT LYING WHEN HE CLAIMS THAT THE PA IS IN COMPLIANCE WITH THE RESTRICTIONS PLACED ON IT BY OUR CONGRESS…  But to make Obama’s claim legitimate, the White House spokesman Tommy Vietor explained that the money was to be used for “ensuring the continued viability of the moderate PA government” under the leadership of the Muslim Brotherhood’s Hamas terrorist group.  BRILLIANT!

Will Congress fight back!  That is the $192 million dollar question.  

This issue is much more important than if Romney would have shot Osama like his majesty did or if Romney should put his dog on the roof of his car or whether Obama should eat Romney’s dog if it shows up at the White House.  While his majesty is aiding and abetting the Muslim Brotherhood against Israel, the American Jewish community continues to rally around his majesty.  BRILLIANT!

     So when you hear and read the press covering idiotic topics, you better turn around and see who is coming up behind you.  I have come to expect that his majesty will ignore our Constitution and our Rule of Law and do whatever he wants both here at home and abroad.  Since the Democrats control the Senate, making his majesty impeachment-proof, we find ourselves in the “Perfect Storm” that was feared the most by our founding fathers. 

  • When you elect a president that does not respect the Constitution and the Rule of Law, there is really no way to stop an unlawful usurpation of power by this type of tyrant.  He will ignore Congress and even the Justice System.
  • Couple a president with a Senate who is subservient to his every whim, and you have tyranny, period.       

     It is time to be paranoid because they, our government, is coming for your freedom and your private property through confiscatory taxation and regulation.  Assuming his majesty allows us to have an election in November of this year, we need to defeat him in no uncertain terms.  Be prepared for voter fraud and voter intimidation, the likes we have never seen.  It is up to each of you to stand firm against this tyranny and retake our nation. 

RD Pierini

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3 thoughts on “Obama Illegally Bypasses Congress–Sends $192,000,000 to Hamas/Muslem Brotherhood!”

  1. Yep this whole presidential campaign comes down crass vs. class. Obama shows complete contempt for the founders, the constitution, the rule of law, the people and freedom, totally crass behavior. Romney respects the founders, the constitution, the rule of law, the people and individual freedom, totally class behavior. Do we want to continue down the road to ruin with obama or restore or liberty with romney. The choice is yours America!!!

  2. I’m confused. Why are we still handing out foreign aid, when the American people are in such financial crisis? That $192 million could have helped out quite a few Americans instead.

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