Obama’s Vision for America-A lesson in Incremental Despotism-Levin Nailed It!

Obama’s legacy:    As a student of Saul Alinsky, “Rules for Radicals”, and Thomas More, the person who coined the word “Utopia”, Obama is systematically ripping out the underpinnings of this great country while sowing the seeds of civil unrest through the pitting of various classes, races, religions, and belief systems against each other.  This is not a new tactic for Incremental Despots (1) who have sprouted up at various times in world history, but it has always been effective and has always been totally destructive.  The tactics are simple and not at all transparent but are impactful as they rely on the manipulation of human emotion rather than intellect.  The tactics also rely on repetition of falsehoods until those lies become facts in the emoted minds of the subjected citizens.

 Recent Incremental Despotism:   In recent history, we have had rulers such as Mao Tse-tung of China who even espoused Freedom of Speech until that speech was turned against him.  He eventually seized control of the entire government and subjected the Chinese to a ruthless communist rule for decades.  Adolf Hitler rose to power through existing infrastructure and political processes but once he had an inside track to the national government, he took firm control over Germany and eventually launch WWII against the world and even convinced his citizens to help to murder millions of Jews for the betterment of the Homeland.  Rulers such as these had a few common traits:

  1. Exhibit charismatic personalities and can motivate their people through powerful spoken rhetoric.
  2. Quickly establishes and develops an enemy to focus the masses on that enemy while the despot usurps power and takes away freedoms right in front of the faces of the masses.  In the case of Germany, Hitler focused on the Jews and made the Jews the sole responsible group for the economic problems facing Germany.
  3. Controls the message that goes out to the masses by controlling whatever media exists that the masses rely on for their information.  Often times the media is already aligned philosophically with the despot so they are willing accomplices.
  4. Incrementally ignores established laws that could curtail the assumption of power by the despot.  Some of the laws are ignored to more “Fairly” deal with a segment of society that the despot needs to support him. 
  5. Through a series of incremental steps, makes the military solely responsive to the despot to the point that the military can be used domestically to control the nations’ own citizens.  (Read the Patriot Act, and the Wars Powers Act.)
  6. If necessary, foment internal hatred of the chosen targets to the point of armed clashes.  The armed clashes are used at the final catalyst for the despot to assume total martial law to insure the “safety” of all citizens.

Is the US Slipping Into Despotism?:  Can we draw any analogies to what we are currently experiencing in the US today?  Absolutely.  Is the blame totally on Obama, No!  In the US, the hard left progressive movement has been chipping away at our society throughout the past century.  The chipping started back with President Teddy Roosevelt, then Woodrow Wilson, Franklin Roosevelt, Lyndon Johnson, then Jimmy Carter.  Now the torch has been picked up by Barak Obama. 

The Media and Academia:  During this gradual transition of the US into the grasp of progressivism, the progressives infiltrated the media and the educational systems to create a monolithic philosophy within the media and use all levels of education to indoctrinate the youth in progressive values as they matured intellectually. 

The Republican Party has also fallen prey to progressivism.  The elite in the Republican Party are far more aligned to progressivism than with conservatism.  

Obama’s Differences: The differences between Barak Obama and his progressive predecessors is that he is half African-American; a hard-core Social, Economic, and Political Progressive; and grew up with an engrained disdain for this country. 

  • His race allows him to create a racial divide and barrier by stirring the Black community against the non Black community.  He and his supporters can isolate his detractors by claiming that the detractor’s motivation is racially motivated.
  • His social, economic and political progressivism compels him to pit the rich against the poor; business against workers and their unions; to ultimately create a class warfare mentality amongst his followers. 
  • His disdain for this country, including the Constitution, propelled him to state during his campaign that his goal was to fundamentally transform this nation.  Further, that he considered the Constitution to be a “flawed” document, even though he swore allegiance to it. 

After three years under Obama, he as rapidly moved this country to the far left and has reduced the influences of capitalism and conservative values to almost nothing. 

  • He has nationalized 2/3s of the automotive industry;
  • Consolidated the banking industry where 6-7 banks control 90% of the banking industry;
  • Forced non traditional credit institutions like GMAC, American Express and others to become “banks” and subject to his administration’s control; 
  • Stopped energy development in the Gulf and other off shore regions of the country; stopped the infrastructure development of needed energy delivery systems and pipelines; is rapidly shutting down the coal industry;
  • Supporting practices that increase electricity, gasoline and home heating oil costs; 
  • Driving more and more people onto government subsistence programs and out of the workplace;
  • Setting the stage for nationalizing health care and related industries;
  • Ignored court orders regarding the lifting of drilling moratorium;
  • Publically directed the Attorney General not to enforce the Defence of Marriage Act;
  • Publically ordered homeland security and ICE not to enforce all immigration laws; 
  • Directed the Attorney General not to pursue Race crimes based on Black on White violence.  That is only reserved for Whit on Black violence;
  • Ignored calls from Congress to adhere to the War Powers Act when taking actions against Libya;
  • Pitted the 99% against the 1% in waging class warfare based on financial wherewithal;
  • Pitted Black against White in the Trevon Martin case;
  • Pitted Hispanics against Whites when talking about immigration reform and enforcing border security;
  • Pitted Muslims against Christians by siding with Islamic fundamentalist in persecuting Christians in Muslim countries;
  • Pitted the Federal government against States over border security, Medicaid, and voter id laws;
  • Forced Obamacare down the throats of Americans with a narrow margins in the House and Senate while claiming universal support;
  • Publically denigrated the Supreme Court in a State of the Union address then again following the Court hearing of Obamacare.
  • Publically stated that he would go around Congress if he had to enact his agenda…
  • and the list goes on and on…

Today we are in the throes of a semi-soft tyranny.  With the enhancements to the Patriot Act and further powers given to Obama this year through the military funding legislation, Obama can now use the military to detain US citizens on US soil without due process or a trial or even a warrant issued by a court of competent jurisdiction.  My fear is that if the election appears to be going against this President, he may take desperate steps to insure his next term in office?  Given his past record, when he knew he was facing re-election, I am not sure there is anything he would not do to remain in power.  I am not sure that he would not directly or through surrogates like the unions incite violence that would require military intervention on US soil and the declaration of martial law.  I am not sure that he would not initiate an international or domestic incident to excuse his suspension of the 2012 elections.  The complete disdain this President has for the rule of law and the US Constitution, does not seem to rule out any lawful or unlawful action on his part. 

I stongly recommend you read Mark Levin’s new book, Ameritopia.  It clearly and concisely lays out the development of the Utopian philosophy and the steps that have led to where we are today.  It is a must read prior to the 2012 elections so everyone truly understands where we are in terms of the survival of this great Republic.  No Utopian State has ever prospered nor has any despotic nation every succeeded in the long run.  But, the misery that is caused as the citizens are drug through this morass is hideous to say the least.  Go to Mark’s website:  http://www.marklevinshow.com/home.asp, or Amazon (http://www.amazon.com/gp/search?ie=UTF8&keywords=1439173249&tag=thmalesh-20&index=blended&linkCode=ur2&camp=1789&creative=9325) to order this book.  Time is running out on American and the American Way of Life…

I fear the worst, and pray to God for the best.

RD Pierini

(1) Incremental Despots:  Throughout history, there have been countless, ruthless despots who took over and ruled their subjects through brute force often resorting to mass executions to seize and hold power.  These evil rulers are traditional despots who did not mask their intentions through promises of a utopian and “Fair” State.  Rather, they massacred their way to power and held power through sheer terror.  Incremental Despots are actually more dangerous as they actually convince their citizens to follow them.  These leaders are often charismatic but have an end game that includes a total centralization of power and resources.  They often come to power through democratic processes but soon morph their hold on power into pure despotic control by setting their own rules and ignoring the established rule of law.  Once in power, they change the rule of law to suit their own objectives.

Hat Tip:

Mark Levin:  http://www.marklevinshow.com/home.asp


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