Obama Putting Finishing Touches on Fundamentally Transforming the Middle East/North Africa

Carter gave Iran to radical Islam.

Obama gave Tunisia, Libya, and Egypt to radical Islam.  He will soon deliver Syria, Yemen and Turkey as well… 

 Transformation:   Just 3 years ago, the only true radical, Islamic State in the Middle East and North Africa was Iran.  We had sufficient political power in the Middle East to neutralize the threats to Israel and to preclude anyone from tampering with the oil supply out of the region.  In just three years, the Obama Administration has overtly and covertly supported the Islamization of Tunisia, Libya, and Egypt.  The are currently supporting Al Qaeda and the Muslim Brotherhood to take over Syria, and Yemen.  They are also supporting the continued infiltration of Islamist in Turkey, a NATO nation.  By the end of Obama’s first term, he has added or nearly added 5 countries into the radical Islamic group of nations with Iran.  Iraq and Saudi Arabia are also under pressure from radicals to take over those nations as well.  Iraq has purged all Christians from that country that we spent billions of dollars and thousands of lives to save!  Obama has squandered those lives and our treasure.  Afghanistan will be next. 

The result:  Israel is in imminent danger of terrorist attacks or outright military action by Egypt, Syria and/or Iran.  Further, the threat to the flow of oil from this region is so real that oil prices have spiked above $100/barrel and will remain so until Iran or someone else in the region stops the flow of oil or a miracle occurs and these nations return to secular control with some degree of friendliness towards the west.

Israel Surrounded: Israel is now virtually surrounded by Islamic Fundamentalist states with the exception of Jordan to the east.  With Egypt firmly in the grasp of the Muslim Brotherhood, the peace that we have enjoyed through the Sadat and Mubarak regimes in Egypt is over.  The Muslim Brotherhood has already stated that the peace treated is null and they have no intention of honoring it any longer.  While the Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood group was visiting Obama at the White house this week, Egypt was launching rockets into Israel, our ally.  Did the mainstream media even connect these two events?  No.

Iran’s Nuclear Program:   The Obama Administration as well as the Bush Administration has played footsie with Iran and its nuclear program along with Iran’s co-conspirator, North Korea.  Soon, unless stopped by Israel, Iran will have nuclear weapons capabilities which they can couple this with their own and North Korea’s missile arsenals.  Israel will not longer be able to rely on Egypt to remain neutral in the event Israel has to attack Iran to neutralize their Nuclear capabilities.  Israel does not even know whether it can rely on the US if this action is taken as well.  If Israel attacks Iran, it may see military action against its Southern boarders by Egypt and Hamas and also against its northern boarders by Lebanon which will be aided by Hezbollah/Iran.

While Nero Fiddles…:  So while we are being distracted by Obama and engaging in debates on healthcare and free condoms, or which political party loves women more, Obama and his progressives around the world have fundamentally transformed the region of the world that controls a large majority of the energy reserves under production today.  This coupled with Obama’s obsession to stop all hydrocarbon based energy exploration and production in the US, has placed the US and many of our Western allies in a life and death position should the radical Islamic Regimes decide to stop the flow of oil. 

4 more years of Obama anyone?

RD Pierini


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