Jane Fonda to Play Nancy Reagan! Like Madonna Playing the Virgin Mary! War on Conservative Women Continues

     Hollywood cannot come up with any real female, or male, historical icons to represent the “Best of the Left” as they do not exist.  So the next best thing is to make movies trashing CONSERVATIVE WOMEN.  First and foremost was the hit piece on Sarah Palin played by Julianne Moore, “Game Change”.  Next came the gaud awful hit piece on Margaret Thatcher played by the icon of the left Meryl Streep in “Iron Lady”.  Now, in what has to be the most egregious casting in modern times, the left-wing traitor of the Vietnam war, Jane Fonda, will play Nancy Reagan.  Jane Fonda is the poster child for everything that is wrong with the Left Wing Progressives to the conservatives and the left knows this. 

     Hollywood continues to blame everything but themselves and the left wing movies they have been producing for sagging sales.  They wonder why no one watches the Academy Awards which is a joke to say the least.  When was the last time a real box office hit won?  The first weekend of “Hunger Games” probably out grossed all of the nominated movies this year in its first weekend.  The problem Hollywood is that many of us conservatives will not go to movies by Spielberg, Katzenberg, Clooney, Hanks, Howard, Penn and many others.  We simply will not patronize someone who will just turn around and donate to Obama and support all of the Left Wing socialism that he represents.  So go ahead and make movies that attempt to tear down this country and ridicule conservative women.  But don’t complain when your profits sag and no one cares what you produce. 

Jane Fonda should still be in jail for treason.  She should apologize to all of our soldiers who were injured or the families of fallen soldiers that suffered as a result of her support for Communist North Vietnam. 

Keep it up and you will be very lonely…

RD Pierini



2 thoughts on “Jane Fonda to Play Nancy Reagan! Like Madonna Playing the Virgin Mary! War on Conservative Women Continues”

  1. I don’t have the utter hatred for Jane Fonda that many conservatives have. If stupidity were grounds for treason most of us would be in jail now! Besides, she is a stunningly-good actress. Her depiction of a reporter in China Syndrome was dead on! She was me (I know it shoud be “I”, but I just can’t do it in this grammatical construction), but better looking.
    Also, Meryl Streep is a good actress. I loved her in The Devil Wears Prada and in the Julia Child movie. Whatever the politics of these women is, they do try to show the characters they are portraying accurately. I only saw the last two minutes of the Sarah Palin story. Talent and Art trump politics every time in my opinion.
    OTOH, I h*te Woody Harrelson so much I would never voluntarily watch anything he made! And I h*ted him BEFORE I knew he was a LeftyLib!

    1. Jane is in a different category. Her actions directly contributed to some of my friends being killed. She still has no remorse today.
      The other point I always make is that supporting these actors is the same as contributing to Obama’s re-election campaign. I try to put my money where my beliefs are. Art over freedom is a non starter with me…

      Thanks for commenting…

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