The Obamas are Totally Tone Deaf–Keep Spending Taxpayer Dollars During a Depression on Himself and His Family

Campaign $$$:  Dad is Burning 25,000 gallons of jet fuel for a 4 State, 2 day Campaign Push, yes there is no end in sight, at a cost of 25,000 gallons x $4.50 = $112,500.  Plus the cost of security, shipping limos, staff etc.  He is going by another solar plant in Nevada before it files for bankruptcy!  He will also be stopping in New Mexico to see a few of the remaining oil wells that are producing oil before he shuts them down if he is reelected!  Maybe he might notice that there are no dead Caribou or Elk lying around the rigs!  Next, he will be jetting off to Oklahoma to look at oil pipelines.  Wow, what did this guy do at Harvard?  Of course he is not going anywhere near where the XL Pipeline should be being built!  NOOOO!  He is going to brag about a pipeline he approved that will bring oil from the Gulf to Oklahoma.  Wow, isn’t he just the savior of the masses paying $5.00/gallon for gas. 

He just got back from an all day campaign day at Chicago and Atlanta.  Yes, those are not real close together and take more fuel, limos, security etc.  If you wonder what your President is doing, just go to his schedule site,  I’ll bet you get to work earlier than he does and you spend more hours a day at your job!  Campaigning is not a job…  With unemployment at depression levels; Federal deficits at insolvency levels; gas prices pushing $5.00; food prices escalating; and a very likely nasty confrontation with Iran or Israel depending on whose side he takes; you would think that what would help his campaign the most would be to stay home and work on this country’s problems like an adult.  He has already doubled the campaigning that GW Bush did at the end of his first term.

Daughter Spring Break:  Looks like Obama’s daughter is catching onto the gig as well.  She and 12 of her friends will be Spring Breaking at OAXACA, Mexico, requiring 25 Secret Service Agents to tag along to protect the first daughter!  Not sure if she is taking “Air Force -1” or not like her mother but with that entourage it is likely.  You would think that Obama and his wife would have some sense of compassion and thoughts for their “subjects” as more and more of us are on food stamps, have run out of unemployment, and are trying to scrape by hoping that things get better.  I do not begrudge Malia Obama a life but when a whole nation is sacrificing, a little lower key vacation would be more appropriate.  It is not as though this family has not enjoyed a bit of time off on our dime in the recent past!

Michelle’s Campaign:  Michelle has her own campaign agenda and is making the rounds including the David Letterman show.  Maybe she can wash his mouth out for what he has said about the Palin family while she is there.  I am surprised she isn’t on Bill Maher’s show.  That would be the icing on the case…

When  April 15th rolls around, and you are writing yet another check to the IRS, just think how happy you will be knowing that you are supporting Obama’s daughter so she can go to Spring Break in Mexico with her 12 friends and 25 secret service agents.  Or, how happy you are to be financing Obama’s reelection campaign by paying for his travel and lodging.  Or, how happy you are paying for Obama and the Queen of Death Katherine Sibelius to take on your Church and strip them from their Religious Freedoms. 


RD Pierini

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