Obama Watch: Not My Fault!; I Didn’t Do It!; I Can’t Control It!

News Flashes for the Day!

  • Afghan “Massacre” Vs Fast and Furious:  Obama pledged to SPARE NO EFFORT TO INVESTIGATE OUR WAR HERO WHO SUFFERED A BREAK DOWN and killed 14 Afghan civilians.   Don’t you wish Obama would be as forthcoming to find out who in his own Justice Department is responsible for the MASSACRE of a number of Mexican Nationals and Brian Terry using GUNS HIS JUSTICE DEPARTMENT PROVIDED TO THE DRUG LORDS?
  • Congress vs Department of HHS-Constitutionality of Obamacare:  Sebelius said that Congress CAREFULLY weighed constitutionality of Obamacare before voting for it.  Neither Sebelius nor anyone in Congress at the time or now could point to the place in the Constitution that granted the Congress the authority to control healthcare via Obamacare.  When the Madam of the House Pelosi was asked to provide the provision in the Constitution that granted the authority, she replied, “Are you serious?”  I guess that question was beneath her.  Or too far above her pay grade.
  • Raising Taxes on Oil Companies Vs Obama’s strategy ALL OF THE ABOVE to Reduce Gas Prices:  The WH admits that raising taxes in Oil Companies will not lower gas prices but is FAIRER.  Obama also said he is using an ALL OF THE ABOVE strategy to reduce Gas Prices.  Unfortunately his ALL OF THE ABOVE DOES NOT INCLUDE EXPANDING EXPLORATION OR DRILLING PERMITS AND APPROVALS; REDUCING GAS TAX PAID AT THE PUMP; REDUCING COSTS, AND TAXES ON OIL COMPANIES;  OPENING UP OFF SHORE EXPLORATION AND EXTRACTION; OPENING UP LAND BASED EXPLORATION AND EXTRACTION; APPROVING THE XL PIPELINE.  It does include more grants and loans to Solyndra type companies by that knucklehead in the Department of Energy who does not even own a car.
  • 57% of Americans Oppose Mandating Companies to Include Birth Control Coverage-100% of the White House Thinks Everyone should Provide Birth Control:  Obviously George Orwell was right when he said that “All animals are created equal.  Some are created more equal than others”.  Obviously the White House is more equal that the American Public who not only support the repeal of all of Obamacare, but at a level of 67% do not believe that any employer should be forced to provide Birth Control in its health insurance policies.  Guess we know where we stand…
  • Soldiers Burn Korans according to their understanding of the Islamic Faith;  Afghans then Kill our Soldiers;  Then Obama Apologizes for Burning the Korans:  It is safer to be the enemy of the US, if we actually have any according to Obama, than an ally.  Ask Egypt’s Mubarak and Tunisia’s Ben Ali.  I only have one question for Obama about these Koran burnings.  Since we are turning over “command and control” over to the Afghans, why were our soldiers, who can’t read Arabic, the ones to set fire to the Korans anyway?  The soldiers were instructed by the Afghans on how to destroy desecrated Korans according to Koranic Law.  The soldiers should have hand the matches over to the Afghans and said have fun!  But no, we get blamed, put our soldiers in harm’s way, then apologize to a bunch of ungrateful, midievil miscreants for doing what we were told to do…

I have only touched on a couple of this weeks headlines from the Obama regime so far.  The Bottom Line is that Obama promised

“Hope and Change”

and all we get is

“Not My Fault”; “Bush Did It”; “I Can’t Control Gas Prices”;  “Congress Won’t Act”, and a whole host of other excuses. 

We could have elected a 6-year-old and probably gotten better responses to the crisis we are facing.  At least the 6-year-old would not have created 90% of them him or herself…

RD Pierini

Hat Tips:

CNS News:  http://cnsnews.com/news/article/nyt-poll-majority-americans-say-employers-should-be-able-opt-out-contraception-mandate 





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