Lack of a Commander-In-Chief Leads to Military Anarchy-I am Sure we will Blame Another Soldier

It is truly sad on so many levels, that one of our troops killed at least 16 Afghan citizens including women and children.  It is also understandable on so many levels.  Who should accept the responsibility?

When a Commander-In-Chief does not stand behind his troops, including his civilian military leaders; or constantly apologizes for our troops’ actions, rather that sticking up for them; or allows those, who our troops are risking their very lives for, to criticize the actions of our women and men in the military and demand that they be punished for acts that they themselves should have been responsible for, then it is impossible to expect our troops to understand where they stand with regard to their own Commander-In-Chief and why they are where they are and what they are fighting for. 

The lack of backing for our troops by their Commander-In-Chief, and indeed the chain of command below him, coupled with a completely idiotic set of rules of engagement that includes “Mirandizing” enemy combattants on the field of battle, leaves our soldiers baffled as to what and where the limits are.  When our soldiers detain someone who they have witnessed planting an IED or performing some other act of aggression that could lead to our soldiers death, out soldiers have to turn this person over to polite interrogators who have to offer the combatant legal council.  Conversely, our soldiers are tried in the court of enemy public opinion and discourse with nothing but disdain heaped on them from their Commander-In-Chief with his apologies, their military command, NATO, and every radical Islamist in the world. 

When George W. Bush went mushy following the initial triumphs in Iraq, and ceased to adequately stand up for why we were in Iraq, we say discipline break down in the form of aberrant behavior at the Abu Ghraib prison.  Discipline was further degraded, and moral dampened, when Bush failed to stand behind his Secretary of Defense, Donald Rumsfeld.  It was not until the surge was instigated that gave our soldiers an inkling of hope that their Commander-In-Chief stood behind them and understood what they needed to be victorious. 

Our soldiers want to win the wars and battles we place them in. 

Our soldiers believe that they are fighting to defend this nation, and, when we do not defend our soldiers,

how can we expect them to react as the true professionals they are.

I am sure Obama will once again apologize to the Afghans for this recent tragedy even though he and his military staff should shoulder the blame themselves.  So should Hamid Karzai, the Afghan President, whom we have unconditionally supported and have given billions of dollars to and 1,910 of our soldiers, 2/3’s of them died under Obama’s watch .   

Our Soldiers are still waiting for the Afghans to apologize to them for killing our soldiers after the last Koran incident.  When it does not come, and it won’t, our soldiers will once again silently question their mission, and our committment to their well-being…  It will only be a matter of time before another tragedy strikes our troops or the Afghans or both.

You know what really gags me?  I have never heard one of our troops offer up excuses for their behavior or short comings.  I can’t say the same for their Commander-In-Chief! 

I did and do support our ORIGINAL mission in Afghanistan.  But, it has morphed into some kind of politically correct nation building effort.  I would not waste the life of another American Soldier in Afghanistan or anywhere else until we can figure out who we are and what we are trying to accomplish in this world.  In three years we have allowed the Middle East to morph into a cancer that will haunt us for generations to come and will endanger the entire free world.  We better figure out our role pretty soon or it will be too late…


RD Pierini

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