Is Obama Inciting Race Violence? Two Black Teens Set White Teen on Fire in Kansas City!

A 13-year-old Kansas City white teen ager was followed home by two older Black Teenagers who poured gasoline on him then set him on fire on HIS OWN FRONT PORCH with a shout out:

“This is what you deserve. You get what you deserve, white boy.”

The teenager was only two blocks from his home when he noticed that he was being followed by the two older Black youths.  He made it to his front porch before the attack happened.  He managed to use his shirt to tamp out the flames from his hair, face and upper body but not before sustaining first degree burns on his face and head.  Thankfully, he was able to call 911 himself as no one else was home at the time.  The police are treating this as a Hate Crime!  I’ll bet that is dropped assuming the perps are even apprehended.

Obama Complicity?  Since becoming President, Obama has time and time again played the race card and the “haves vs the have-nots” to bolster his campaign chances with his base.  Today, at the United Auto Workers’ annual National Community Action Program Legislative Conference in Washington DC, Obama once again blamed those who strive to improve as the problem with America when he said;

“America’s not just looking out for yourself, it’s not just about greed,

it’s not just about trying to climb to the very top and keep everybody else down,”  (my emphasis)

Maybe Obama’s constant race baiting and class warfare rhetoric did not incite the two Black youths to set a White teenager on Fire on his own front porch.  But it clearly does not help.  Maybe Obama would be a better person and leader if he stopped dividing every group there is in this country and maybe, just maybe, tried to live up to his campaign rhetoric of him being a “UNITER”

RD Pierini

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4 thoughts on “Is Obama Inciting Race Violence? Two Black Teens Set White Teen on Fire in Kansas City!”

  1. The is inaccurate. Obama has been criticized for not ever playing the race card. Because anything he should have played it a time or two. He never attacked the “successful” but he wants to make it fair for all of us. If we have pay taxes why would we not pay the same amount. Or why would the rich not have to pay more. Please stop being idiot. Bush was a horrible president. But I never flat out lied about him like some of you people do. Because he did not want to mess up the country. Things just did not go right. Let Obama finish his first term then look at the numbers from when he came in.

    1. Anonymous
      Not sure if you read this article or understood the point. But, this article continues to be on point with the recent killing in Florida of a young Black youth allegedly by an Hispanic youth. We need to tone down the race rhetoric or we will see more of these types of tragedies in the coming months which is not something this nation needs.

      1. Actually, the point is that Obama should not be criticized for bringing attention to the Florida teen. It’s also terrible what happened to the teen in Kansas City and both incidents should be addressed. I just found out about what happened in Kansas City because some people are complaining that it’s not getting enough coverage. Those people who are complaining should get there voices heard. Race issues have been around since before the Slave Trade, so I don’t see why the author of this blog post is saying that Obama is playing the race card as if no president before him has done the same or worse. Obama never played the race card when he was running for President. He never let that be the main issue. Everyone else in the country is either focused on Obama being the first African American President (which is great, but what’s more important is what he does to improve our country) OR that for some reason they say he’s not even an American or that he’s Muslim (being Muslim shouldn’t even matter). EVERYONE else is playing the race card except for Obama. Of course as President, Obama needs to be focused on what’s going on in the country. But, he definitely has a million other things on his plate. For him to simply just comment on what happened in Florida shouldn’t be a problem. People are angry that he said, “If I had a son, he would look like Treyvon.” That’s because it’s true. He would be black. But what people are ignoring is that he also said, “I can only imagine what these parents are going through. And when I think about this boy, I think about my own kids.” For any parent to loose a child or to have a child go through so much physical and/or mental pain is a tragedy. Unfortunately, because of our country’s history, race will always be in the back of our minds. We lost a child because of a hate crime and a child was badly burned because of a hate crime. No one should fear walking home from school or walking home from 7-11 and think that they might not get to see their families again. I don’t think one case is more serious than the other. The Kansas teen is lucky to be alive and unfortunately, the Florida teen is no longer alive. They are both really sad events. What needs to happen is for people not to care about something like skin color or hair texture. We can’t change the way we were born without tossing some chemical on us to change our skin or hair just to be accepted. People shouldn’t have to try to change what they were born with just to be accepted by society. What people should also realize is that they need to embrace their own cultures and be proud to be whatever color they are, but at the same time realize that people are different from them and should be accepted. This world will never be perfect, but why not start by teaching your children to love and accept each other regardless of differences like skin, eye and hair color so that they don’t grow up wanting to burn and/or shoot each other.

      2. Thanks for the response. We actually agree on many points. If you have followed this blog, you would have read several posts quoting Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. and his philosophy. I actually supported Dr. King financially and physically when I was in college and up to his untimely death. I think this nation would be much different today if Dr. King would not have been killed.

        Our history is our history and there is no way to change the facts that transpired. There is enough blame to go around whether you are Black, White, Hispanic, Asian; or whether you are Democrat, Republican, Independent, etc. My point on this and many other articles is that leaders, going back to Washington and including all levels of civic leadership, need to have a consistent message and that is; violence against other human beings is abhorrent and there is no place in this nation for hate based violence from any ethnic, religious, political, or other group. We will never totally rid ourselves of prejudice of all kinds and neither has any other peoples of this earth. Unfortunately, some have to tear down others to boost their own self esteem or whatever.

        Any President, when crimes are perpetrated in what appear to be hate related actions, should come out and state openly that no violent crime is justified for any reason. Presidents must also be careful not to pit one group against another when discussing economic, social, or political topics. Even innocent remarks where you stand one economic, religious, racial, or political group another can be interpretted by those in our society who may not be emotionally stable as a call for action or a justification for inappropriate action.

        Unfortunately, President Obama set himself up as the Uniter and not the Divider. This raises the bar on all of his comments, and not just when there is a tragedy involving a racially charged incident. He has the opportunity to meet or exceed the bar but it will depend on his words and actions in the next few months. He needs to lead on Dr. Kings words; “I look to a day when people will not be judged by the color of their skin, but by the content of their character.”


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