The End Of Private Health Insurance is Near to be Replaced by Universal Public Option Healthcare

     Obamacare was positioned from the get-go to eliminate private healthcare companies and even self-insured plans.  Why?  The goal has always been a Single Payer Medicare type of system where the Federal Government controls all facets of healthcare from setting covered services, dependent coverage parameters, reimbursement rates to doctors and hospitals, pharmaceutical coverage, pharmaceutical and medical appliance R&D, and YOUR PERSONAL EATING AND LIFESTYLE HABITS.  In other words, when Obama said that you can keep your existing coverage he lied.

Was this a white lie or a bold-faced lie?

When Obama was courting votes for Obamacare, he assured Dennis Kucinich during a ride on Air Force One that step 2 of Obamacare included the full-blown single payer (Medicare type) system…  This what Kucinich was holding out for.  (Check the conversation out at  Step 2 is starting now!

So, it wasn’t a white lie, it was a BOLD FACED LIE!

     Since Obamacare was passed by the Democrat controlled Congress, Obama has had the Queen of Death, Kathleen Sebelius, squeezing health insurance companies on both ends, revenue and expense.  His Queen of Death has pared down requests for premium increases while adding countless coverage expansions such as mandatory coverage for dependents until age 26, the elimination of denial for pre-existing conditions, and just recently, “free” contraception and pharmaceutical abortions.  The goal was to drive health insurance companies out of the market so Obama could take over the entire industry.  At the same time he is extorting $20 billion out of Pharmaceutical and Medical Appliance Companies to help pay for the unbelievable costs of Obamacare and it HAS NOT EVEN BEEN FULLY IMPLEMENTED YET.  Taking money away from Pharmaceutical and Medical Appliance Companies will just reduce the amount of cash they have to plow back into R&D to produce the cures and procedures of the future.  As the extortion increases, less and less innovation will take place which will only serve to increase healthcare cost in the future and also drive these companies out of the United States.

Queen of Death to Congress:  “…private (health insurance) market is in a death spiral! 

     At least she admits to the diagnosis of the outcome of their scheme!  She also said, “…that the days of private health insurance are coming to an end in the United States.”  This is the affirmation of what Obama told Kucinich when he bought his vote which is the goal to create a  Single Payer Medicare type of system for all comrades in the US! 

     Congressman Roskam asked the Queen of Death about Obama’s Lie when he quipped: “How about when the president said you can keep your health care coverage, if you like it?  And yet, the reality is, according to Bloomberg (News) at least, 9 percent fewer businesses are offering medical coverage than in 2010. There the rhetoric didn’t meet the reality, did it?”  The Queen did not question the statistics but LIED when she replied: 

“Well again, congressman, what you’re seeing, it wouldn’t have mattered if we had passed the Affordable Care Act or not,”

“The private market is in a death spiral.”

     The Death Spiral is being caused by Obama and the Queen of Death, no private sector problems.  She said to the committee that the next important step in implementing the president’s health care plan is to establish essential health benefits, INCLUDING BIRTH CONTROL AND PHARMACEUTICAL ABORTIONS, that will form the basic package of coverage that the federal government will order all health insurance plans to cover.  At the same time, She and Obama will dictate the cost the insurance companies can charge for their insurance!  So, force additional coverage down their throat while picking their pocket.  What a business model. 

     The scary part is do you really think that the health insurance industry is the last industry that Obama will take over?  If you do, you are extremely naive.  Do not think for a second that he won’t nationalize the Energy Industry next.  This will be the culmination of his green energy push complete with Algae conversion.

IF you have not gotten down on your knees yet and prayed for deliverance from this Dictatorial Regime, now would be a good time.

RD Pierini

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