Obama 1,180 Deaths; Bush 612; In Afghanistan–Did You See this in the Mainstream Media?

Obama “surged” ahead of GW Bush in terms of US casualties in Afghanistan since he took over in 2009.  According to CNS News, from October 7, 2001 to May 15, 2009, there were 612 deaths.  From May 16th 2009 to the present, this number has jumped to 1,792 fatalities.  Couple of questions come to mind:

  1. Where is that wacko Cindy Sheehan and why isn’t she camped outside of Obama’s vacation homes in Martha’s Vineyard, Aspen, Vale, Hawaii, or where ever Obama is vacationing this month?  Maybe she should wait by the 19th hole!
  2. Why aren’t we seeing daily death tolls in the media?
  3. Since Obama campaigned on making Afghanistan our “Priority”, what is:
    1. Our objective in Afghanistan other than to turn tail and run around the end of this year?
    2. Our exit strategy to ensure than what little progress we have made is not lost?
    3. The definition of success?  Vietnam anyone?
  4. Why doesn’t Obama get the correlation between kissing Karzai’s rear end and apologizing to the Muslims for doing what is prescribed in the Koran, and our kids getting shot by the very troops we just trained?
  5. Since we let the Taliban run back and forth from Afghanistan into Pakistan at will, what is our plan to make sure the Taliban does not retake Afghanistan?
  6. Obama, how is your appeasement and meet-n-greet campaign going with the Taliban.  Swimmingly I trust!

In 8 years under Bush, we lost an average of 77 troops per year.  Under Obama in less than 3 years, he is averaging 393 deaths per year.  That is 5 times the amount lost by Bush per year. 

Do you think that our terms of engagement might be a contributing factor?  Do you think it is safer to shoot a combatant when they are engaging in warfare or read them their Miranda Rights first?  Do you think it is safer for our troops to only engage defensively or be on the offensive looking for combatants and eliminating them?  You don’t have to be a West Point grad to figure this out.

In Portugal, in 2010 following a NATO summit on Afghanistan, Obama the sage had these words to say:

“So my message to President Karzai is: We have to be sensitive to his concerns and the concerns of the Afghan people. We can’t simply tell them what’s good for them.  We have to listen and learn and be mindful of the fact that Afghans ultimately make decisions about how they want to structure their governance, how they want to structure their justice system, how they want to approach economic development.”  (my emphasis)

I beg your pardon?  Afghanistan was under the control of the Taliban who allowed the country to be used by every terrorist group around as a training ground including al-Qaeda.  We have spent upwards of $100 Billion Dollars in military expenditures and on the rebuilding of Afghanistan since 2001 so we damn well have a right to “Tell them what’ good for them.”  Obviously they don’t have a clue.  Karzai and the Afghanis need to be SENSITIVE TO US!  The Afghans don’t have a clue how to develop economically or politically unless it centers around heroin exports!  Great, that will be our legacy for Afghanistan .  “We won the war and created the largest drug exporter in the world”.  Only someone in Washington could spin this the way Obama did above.

It is time that before we start another war, we sit down and figure out what is in it for US!  If the answer is nothing, then that should be the level of our committment!  I don’t mean to sound mercenary but the rest of the world view us a joke.  We have Obama who will suffer from early onset of Osteoporosis from bowing to every despot on the face of this earth and apologizing to every Muslim in the world for our heresy! 

We owe it to our troops to not only know what are end game is, but what is the payback for our nation.  Remember when the left said we were going to war in Iraq for Oil?  How did that work out for us?  We are the only developed nation without a lucrative oil contract from Iraq!  Why on earth didn’t we get fair oil contracts for our efforts?  Just how dumb are we to let the left keep determining our military strategies and political goals.  DON’T ANSWER THAT!

RD Pierini

Hat Tip:

CNS News:  http://cnsnews.com/news/article/two-thirds-us-deaths-afghanistan-have-occurred-obama-s-surge


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