Pelosi-One Woman Recking Ball for Young Women’s Virtue and Self Esteem

Pelosi Quote:  “…an overwhelming number of American Catholic girls from age 14 or younger are using birth control”.

Nancy, you are the House Minority leader and not the head of the Catholic Church, nor do you speak for the Church, or for that matter, any part of Christianity.  You are a one woman, self-appointed, leader of a movement to tell our daughters and grand daughters that it is OK to have sex as soon as they want to as long as they use birth control and if that does not work, it is OK for them to abort their unborn babies.  Wow, what a moral leader you are!  It may be because you resent having 6 kids of your own and are taking your venom out on the Church and those who believe that 14 year olds or younger should not be needing birth control and definitely should not be engaging in sexual activity at that young age.  Do you take any responsibility for the staggering number of teens with serious sexually transmitted diseases, some of which can lead to sterility?  Do you take any responsibility for the staggering number of out-of-wedlock births especially in the black communities?  Do you even get any connection between the immorality of teens engaging in casual sex and the staggering moral decay of this country? 

     Church Should Excommunicate Pelosi:  At this point, given Pelosi’s continued assault on the Catholic Church, its leaders, and its doctrine, I really am at a loss to understand why she has not been excommunicated.  Pelosi demonstrates overt contempt for the Church’s beliefs and constantly votes contrary to those beliefs.  Before you start screaming separation of Church and State, this is personal for Pelosi.  She is attacking the Church from her State’s position.  The Church has every right to separate her from the Church and would be doing those Catholics who follow Church doctrine a favor by doing so.  It is difficult to justify to our non-Catholic Christian friends why the Church continues to out up with her behavior.  Why the Church continues to allow “practicing” Catholics to receive its sacraments even though they vote to fund and promote infanticide.  These people clearly do not believe in the Church they belong to so if they do not have the sense to get out of the Church the Church needs to give them a shove!

     We have friends who are pro-choice and that is between them and God.  But, when someone is in a position to promote the killing of 4,000 babies a day in the US alone that is a different matter.  It would be bad enough if these promoters just engaged in their death promotion practices, but to stand up, claiming to be a member of the Church, and say that the Church is out of touch, is indeed grounds for excommunication.  Our youth needs to know the moral boundaries between right and wrong.  Just be cause it “feels good” does not make it right.  Our youth today are looking to us for guidance.  What do we say to them, that it was a stroke of luck you weren’t aborted like two of your sisters and one brother!

Nancy, as I said last week, if you don’t agree with the Catholic Church, and for that matter the teachings of Christianity as a whole, start your own secular church.  You can even make yourself a pope or something befitting your opinion of yourself.  I really hope none of your granddaughters hear or read what you are saying…

RD Pierini

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