Obama’s New Campaign: “African Americans for Obama” Really?

Obama continually promised the duped American electorate that he was a “Uniter, not a Divider” during the 2008 campaign.  Then today, he comes out with a new campaign program, “African-Americans for Obama“,  by urging black Americans to volunteer their time by making calls, organizing events and going door to door in their neighborhoods encouraging other African-Americans to vote for Obama.  How about “Honkies for Ron”; or “Real Whites for Mitt”;  “Southern Whites for Newt”; or “Whites Only for Rick”?  I am sure Chris Matthews, Jake Tapper, or others in the dumb stream media would not object.  Someone would have to explain the issue to Bob Schieffer so he could understand the issue and fake outrage.  Obama can rest easy though as the Republican elite won’t say a word about African-Americans for Obama lest they be called a racist. 

Taxpayers are Paying for this Campaign Grand Opening:  The worst news is that you, the TAXPAYER paid for the grand kick off of African-Americans for Obama.  Yes, that is correct, according to the Orlando Sentinel you paid for countless rappers and basketball stars to fly to Florida to take part in a $30,000 per plate fundraiser for Obama and you paid for their travel!  The even is being hosted by the Dallas Mavericks guard Vince Carter in his Isleworth mansion.  So, next time you attend an NBA game, just remember some of your ticket money is paying for the salary of these players who in turn are giving it to Obama so you can pay higher taxes and pay more for gasoline, food and anything else you are buying these days.

I find it incredible that some African-Americans and their self-appointed leadership can’t look past half of Obama’s heritage and focus on real issues facing the Black Communities today.

  • Why doesn’t Obama support school vouchers and more charter schools in black communities where public schools have trapped young Black and latino youths in a vicious cycle of poverty?
  • Why doesn’t Obama even recognize openly the disproportionate Black unemployment, especially among Black Youth?
  • Why doesn’t Obama see past the Black enslavement by welfare, food stamp programs, and continued hand outs and seek to give those communities a way out of the dependence on his ilk?
  • Why doesn’t Obama ever go into Black Communities and find out first hand what their problems are and seek local solutions?  His “Bus Tour” last summer shunned these neighborhood like the plague.

I do believe that Martin Luther King would shun Obama’s “African-Americans for Obama“,  program and publicly denounce this not so veiled attempt at race warfare.  In Dr. Kings’s own words, I have a dream that my four little children will one day live in a nation where they will not be judged by the color of their skin but by the content of their character.”  This is the antithesis of “African-Americans for Obama”.

RD Pierini

Hat Tip:  Prison Planet:  http://www.americanrhetoric.com/speeches/mlkihaveadream.htm



2 thoughts on “Obama’s New Campaign: “African Americans for Obama” Really?”

  1. Wow, how right you are! It always amazes me how people always feel “discriminated” or “treated differently” but they are the ones drawing attention to the fact that they are a different race! Obama, how are you going to get more white people to vote for you when you are just asking for the support of fellow African-Americans! He is the one calling attention to the fact that yes, he is an African-American. Does that automatically imply that every other African-American needs to vote for him to support that? What does his race have to do with political issues?

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