Romney Continues his “Untruths” to Win Debates–Romney Supporters Really Need to Step Back and Reconsider

Romney lied about Catholic institutions in Massachusetts not having to provide “emergency contraception to rape victims”.  He said, “No, absolutely not. Of course not”.  Should Romney be discredited and even come out with a clarification to this outright untruth?

The truth is that On December 8, 2005 Romney reversed the legal opinion of his own State Department of Public Health, instructing all Catholic hospitals and others to provide the chemical Plan B “morning after pill” to rape victims.  Romney was quoted as saying:  “I think, in my personal view, it’s the right thing for hospitals to provide  information and access to emergency contraception to anyone who is a  victim of rape.”  Let me reiterate what he said Wednesday night in the debate regarding requiring Catholic institutions to provide abortifacients to rape victims: “No, absolutely not. Of course not“. 

Making sure that candidates state facts correctly is essential during the debate process as the Presidency of the United States is at stake.  Also, a viewer may not see a retraction on page 50 of some newspaper and take what the candidate said was factual.  Getting statistics absolutely correct is difficult when under fire but recounting your own actions and statements should not be too difficult.  Especially when the topic is abortion and Romneycare/Obamacare.  This is not an insignificant topic and we need the truth.

If Romney lies about this topic, how can viewers actually take anything he says as truthful?  The said fact is that Romney was coronated as the winner over Santorum at this debate.  How do you debate another candidate who lies?  We observed this same phenomena out of Barack Obama during the 2008 campaign.  He lied and misstated his positions day after day and no one called him on his deceptions.  Republicans need to keep their own house clean and sanction Romney for his lies.  There is too much at stake to turn a blind eye again in 2012.

RD Pierini

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