You May Contribute to Obama by Just Going to the Movies!

If you are a Republican, the odds are you would not sit down and write a check to Obama. 

Odds are you do not agree with Obama on:

  • Obamacare
  • Obama Imposing crippling regulations on businesses
  • Obama making appointments without the consent of the Senate
  • Obama imposing Billions of Dollars in taxes on drug and medical device companies to support Obamacare when you know this will drive up the cost of your prescriptions
  • Obama’s Support for Planned Parenthood who has worked with the Left to exclude you from making decisions for your kids regarding birth control and abortions
  • Obama nixing the Keystone pipeline and stopping refineries from being built when you are paying $4.00 for gas
  • Obama raising taxes on ANYBODY now when we are in the depths of the longest recession in history
  • Obama pumping billions into green energy when you are struggling to put food on the table

But, you do go to movies starring Tom Hanks, Rita Wilson, George Clooney, Julia Roberts, Sean Penn and a whole host of other actors, or movies produced by Steven Spielberg and other Hollywood moguls who support ultra left-wing candidates.  Your money goes to the theater, then to the studios, then to the left-wing actors and producers, then to OBAMA.  Next time you want to go to a movie, look at who is in the movie or who has produced it.  Then look up who they support politically.  If the actors are any of the ones above or like the ones above, just ask yourself, ‘WOULD I WRITE A CHECK NOW TO OBAMA”?  If the answer is NO, then find another way to amuse yourself.

We have to vote not only on the first Tuesday in November but every time we make a purchasing decision.  By funding those who fund our political opponents, we make it harder for our candidates to compete against the huge left-wing money machine.

It is your Choice…

 RD Pierini


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