You are Being Led Around by Your Nose, Is Your Nose Sore Yet?

Do you ever get the feeling that you must be the dumbest person to every walk this planet because everything you see and hear does not make sense to you?  But you are too timid to ask any questions or state your disagreement?  Well it is time to stand up.  You are not dumb, you have common sense.  You are not timid, you have a right to state your opinion and demand your rights with the majority who agree with you.  Here are a few things to start with.

Definition:  Natural Selection = Survival of the Fittest, or, death to the dumbest!

  • Your Kid’s Lunch:  Do you really think that the government can feed your kids better than you can?  Do you think that this is the role of government?  Do you think a 4-year-old should be told by a bureaucrat that her mommie is not providing a good lunch for her?  Probably not.  How did we get here?
  • School Vouchers:  You know that School vouchers help raise the poor out of poverty by giving their children a solid education and allow them to climb out of poverty.  You also know that the “civil rights” leaders would rather keep these people poor and politically dependent on them.  You keep scratching your head and say if it costs less to have vouchers and more charter schools, why is the government killing them?  Because Unions are more important to the government ruling class than actually helping the poor.  How did we get here?
  • Energy Independence-$4-5 Gas:  Since we have one of the largest energy reserves in the US, why aren’t we developing our own energy and be energy independent?  Why are we paying $4 for gas when it should be below $2. To eliminate global warming?  Really?  You know that this is a fallacious argument and does not hold water.  You know that virtually no one ever sees ANWAR in Alaska and the existing pipeline has had no impact on our environment.  Then why are we putting up with the greenies who are stopping all domestic energy development?  It is time to say no!  How did we get here?
  • Electric Cars:  If and when the technology makes electric cars acceptable to consumers we will demand that they be made and available for sale.  I drive a Prius because I commute 500 miles a week and I am cheap.  I would prefer driving our 500SL but it sucks up gas like it is going out of style.  Get out of our face with this green crap and carbon dioxide poisoning scare and global warming.  There is no proof for global warming or carbon dioxide causing the green house gasses to cause increased surface temperatures.  In fact, the opposite is true.  How did we get here?
  • Who out those Stupid Yellow Raised Button Mats Outside of the Stores you Shop?:  You know, those mats that jiggle everything in your cart and trip your grandmother when her walker gets caught on one of the raised buttons!  They are intended to warn shoppers that they are about to cross into traffic!  Really?  How dumb do they think we are.  I think we can figure out that we are about to cross into a parking lot where cars are moving about.  If we don’t, another benefit for natural selection.   How did we get here?
  • Why is Spray Paint Locked up at Home Depot?:  Because a few dummies use spray paint to get high on.  Some die.  Good, helps balance out natural selection…  Meanwhile, the rest of us have to go find a non existent Home Depot employee to help us and unlock the paint jail.  How did we get here?
  • Buying Morphine is Easier than buying Aleve-D:  Ever try to buy sinus, cold and cough medicine that contains pseudoephedrine which some dummies use to make methamphetamine to get high on?  You have to sign the little signature pad and give the pharmacist your driver’s license.  Good grief, if these guys want to blow their brains out on Meth, let them.  Another boost to improved natural selection.  How did we get here?
  • Do you Really Need to see how many calories are in a Big Mac?:  You know that a hamburger has more calories than you would normally consume but maybe once a week or a month you reward yourself and have a good old greasy hamburger.  But no, the government makes McDonald’s and other restaurants put the number of calories on their menu.  You know that if you eat 3 or 4 of these a day you will be fat and probably die of a heart attack or a stroke.  Period, end of discussion.  Has the calorie warning ever stopped the 350 pound guy in line in front of you from ordering 4 Big Macs?  Not on your life.  Another boost to improved natural selection  How did we get here?
  • Post Office:  Ever wonder why your costs for stamps keeps going up while the only mail you get is junk mail?  I’ll bet 90% of the junk mail never makes it past the garbage can.  The Post Office says that it cannot survive without junk mail.  Well, maybe you are providing a service no one really wants and we need to rethink how we use mail and what the service level should be.  The Post Office has a fleet of vehicles larger than Wal-Mart and in fact is the largest fleet in the world.  Their employees receive lifetime defined benefit retirement and healthcare packages.  Fed-Ex employees are non-union, have a 401K retirement and do not get other lifetime benefits the Postal Service receives.  Can’t we stop this waste?  How did we get here?
  • HOV or Car Pool Lanes:  Have you ever sat in traffic for hours and looked at the carpool lane that was virtually empty and wondered how that is adding to lower emissions?  Or, what a waste of a lane that could be used for all cars and maybe, just maybe, not have so many cars idling away and burning fuel without moving an inch?  Has anyone made the greenies in or government study whether HOV lanes actually reduce traffic and lower emissions.  NOPE.  And if they did, they would be opening up those lanes tomorrow.  How did we get here?
  • Diverting Water to save a microscopic shrimp or fish and artificially causing a drought:  This is a hot issue in California.  We are in a constant drought condition as the greenies has a court order demanding that potential drinking water must flow into the Delta and then out to the ocean rather than be used for drinking water for humans or be used for agriculture.  Why, because they claim that it would endanger a very small fish and shrimp that resides in the delta.  California has not built addition dams and water storage facilities in decades while its population doubled.  It is time to tell the greenies to go buy an island and start building dams and let the people and agriculture use the water.   How did we get here?

There are thousands of other examples that you and I fall prey to everyday.  Every day more and more freedoms are slipping through our fingers and going down the liberal drain.  We need to say NO to greenies and others who seek to take everything away from us and our kids.  It is not too late but Close!  The next election is the election to decide the ultimate fate of our nation.  We need to replace this president and most of the Congress and put people in office that actually listen to us.  It is up to you!

RD Pierini

No Hat Tips;  Just blowing off steam…


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