Obama Nixes “Cost Effectiveness” When Considering Healthcare Mandates! But Claims to Reduce Overall Costs?

Wow, this guy must be a messiah of some sort.  The directive to HHS and their Death Panel, I mean the HHS “panel of health-care experts” who are to come up with preventative care mandates like the Birth Control/Abortion mandate was as follows:

Mandate to the Panel:  There would be no consideration of cost effectiveness.

Wow, in other words, we don’t care what anything costs or if there is a payback to what we are making everyone do and pay for it is our way or the highway!  Talk about a democracy! 

Then, the Campaigner-In-Chief lied again when he said last week at the White House that “…his administration had adopted the panel’s recommendations precisely because they will “make the overall cost of health care lower”…”  Neat trick even for the messiah if he did not analyze the numbers.

Then another member of the team who was an economist actually really let the proverbial cat out of the bag by saying that the committee’s mandates “…tended to result in a mix of objective and subjective determinations filtered through a lens of advocacy”.  Translate the word “Advocacy” to Political Agenda…!

So, just how does this panel of experts work?  Well here is a synopsis of the committee and their apparent charter:

  • The entire Committee consists of only 16 people, none of whom are elected or even confirmed by Congress.
  • You have no say as to what they recommend.
  • They take their marching orders, mandates, from the HHS Secretary, Kathleen Sibelius who in turns gets her mandates from Obama, his wife, and every left-wing wacko in the administration.
  • The mandates are final with no real review by the public until Queen Kathleen Sibelius trots out in front of a camera and issues the dictates.
  • THERE IS NO COST BENEFIT ANALYSIS INCLUDED IN THE DISCUSSION.  It is what they want politically and that is it.

How did this happen?  Well for starters, no Congress man or women read the Obamacare bill as it was being shoved down our throats.  Second, the bill basically give the Secretary of HHS, Kathleen Sibelius, the sole and exclusive authority to dictate the health insurance coverage details.  Another case of representation by a Congress who has literally walked away from their responsibility.

How Bad Can it Get?:  Today the debate is supposedly on contraception and abortion even though the media refused to utter the latter word.  But that is what this is all about.  mechanical or chemical abortions are one and the same and there is nothing in this bill to prevent the “committee” from forcing mechanical abortion coverage, it is implied as it is now. 

How about tomorrow when the committee says that healthcare includes:

  • Prohibition for eating fried foods.
  • Prohibition on fast food restaurants
  • Prohibition on Salt (already in the works)
  • Prohibition on Sugar (already in the works)
  • Prohibition on Pro Football, too many concussions  (already in the works, maybe they can play flag football)
  • Prohibition on soft drinks as they cause hypertension and cellulite  (already in the works)
  • If you get cancer and you are over 65, here is the morphine and a couple of syringes!
  • If you have a child born with defects or a disease then the child must be destroyed.
  • If you cannot care for yourself at any age and you have no family members to hide you in the back of the house, you must be destroyed.

Just imagine something you enjoying doing, like going to Starbucks, and imagine the committee or its left arm, the food police arresting you or fining you for doing it. 

This is just the start.  The real “good” stuff does not start until after the election.  If Obama gets a second term, you will not recognize your life any longer.  Everything you do will be at the will of the government and you will have no recourse.  Today, the first amendment is on the line in terms of Freedom of Religion.  Tomorrow it may be the 2nd amendment as guns wound people and cause healthcare costs to go up so no more guns!  You think that is far-fetched?  I don’t. 

RD Pierini

Hat Tips:


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