Obama Attacks the Catholic Church-Where are the other Christian Leaders?

I have been writing for some time on the assault by the Obama Administration on the Catholic Church and have received several nasty replies from Catholics that I did not know what I was talking about.  Believe me now? 

Pope Benedict and members of the US Council of Bishops have taken to the airwaves to protest the Obama Administration’s edict that the Church has to abandon its religious beliefs and offer services to employees and patients that go against the teachings and canon of the Church. 

Where are the other Christian Churches in this debate?  They have been silent so far.

The Catholic Church stands by its canon law regarding gay adoption, abortion, and birth control.  If you are not Catholic you have the CHOICE of not agreeing with the Church’s positions.  Apparent the Catholic Church does NOT HAVE THE CHOICE to follow their conscience!

  • Adoption:  The Catholic church is all but out of the adoption business now as they had a religious objection to adoption by a gay couples.  The Government said the Church had no CHOICE so the Church is out of the adoption business. 
  • Birth Control:  The Catholic Church has always had a prohibition against birth control and has always been able to refrain from offering birth control in their suite of health care services.  Now Obama says that the Church must offer birth control in the healthcare plans to their employees and also include them in their services to their patients.
  • Abortion:  Canon 1398: “A person who procures a completed abortion incurs a latae sententiae excommunication.”   The Catholic Church has been adamant in its opposition to abortion but now will have to offer the morning after pill to its employees and its patients.  The Catholic Church considers abortion to be an excommunication offense for the patient electing the procedure and for the healthcare provider who performs the procedure.  The Church has only one exception to abortion and that is what it defines as an Indirect Abortion.  One that occurs as a result of another procedure not related to the termination of a pregnancy.
  • Slave Trade Assistance:  Until the Obama Administration, the Catholic church has received grants from the Federal Government to provide services to persons caught up in human trafficking and related assaults on human dignity.  The Church has lost this assistance and is shutting down their outreach as a result as Obama has made abortion as a requirement for receiving government grants.

The Catholic Church provides 13% of the healthcare services in the United States in the form of clinics and hospitals.  If the Church has to shut these facilities down and bow to Obama, who is going to pick up the slack, the ACLU? 

Boys and Girls we have come to the end of our Constitutional Era with Obama and his anti-Constitutional administration.  Anything goes with he and his minions and the Constitution and its Bill of Rights be damned.  What is next?

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RD Pierini

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9 thoughts on “Obama Attacks the Catholic Church-Where are the other Christian Leaders?”

  1. I was reared Pentecostal and was a UPC minister. I know how it is to be taught suspicious of the Baptist, Catholics and everyone who was unlike us. You see “We had the truth!” A good day was when we Pentecostals could win a baptist to Jesus! Though we had never attended a mass or knew nothing about the Catholic faith — we lambasted them in sermons as idolators and hell bound. We even criticized the “Charismatic movement” and said since Catholics didn’t leave their faith — then it wasn’t real like our experience was REAL! Some of the same suspicion was/is taught in the Catholic faith. Don’t trust anyone who is not Catholic — and only at Vatican II did we become “separated brethren” as protestants. I have written this to say, that the White House like Germany’s Hitler knows that I can attack the Catholics and count on the Pentecostals, Baptist, Church of the Nazarene and all the others to sit on their hands and say, “They deserve it… their priest did sinful things and therefore their not even really Christians at all.” Mark my word, it is only a matter of time — that your pastor will be hauled into jail for “hate speech” because of preaching about the act of homosexuality. Your church will fined by the federal government because it refused to hire a gay or lesbian organist even if it is contrary to your teachings. TODAY THE CATHOLICS…. TOMORROW — YOU.

  2. The attack is by the Bishops of the Catholic faith not the True Church. The True Catholic Church is the body of membership. Now-a-days, large numbers of the Church membership use “artificial” contraception and fully participate in church activities. They need health insurance that helps pay for all types of medical issues. The Bishops, by their actions to protect abusive priests, have actually encouraged sexual abuse of youth. Who is in more more violation of God’s will, Bishops who incourage sexual abuse or those who want better health programs for all people, church membership or not?

  3. It’s shocking to find out that so many of my catholic friends I grew up with are so ignorant of the word of God. I am a Pentecostal and I am with you 100%.

    1. I was raised Catholic from the age of 5, then at 35 was Baptized in the Baptist church and attended an A of G for several years. Am back in the Catholic Church now so I guess I am a CathoBaptist! This change gave me a much better understanding of the Bible. The Catholic Church is now emphasizing the Bible and the Word more now but they still have a ways to go. I hear what you are saying and keep sharing the Word with others…

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