Obama: ‘I make a mistake, every hour, every day’

President Obama once again trots out his pseudo sack cloth act (false Self Disparagement) by stating to Diane Sawyer that

‘I make a mistake, every hour, every day’

Lack of Humility:  In the next breath, the real Obama comes out;  ‘But when you look at the broad outlines of what we did, had it not been for the steps we took our economy would be profoundly weaker than we are right now.’  How is that for humility.  In other quotes from today, Obama said; “…the initial expansion of food-stamp eligibility happened under my Republican predecessor (Bush), not under me.”  (Actually the initial expansion was originally under U.S. Secretary of Agriculture Henry Wallace in 1939 but that is another story altogether.) 

But back to his original point of making mistakes every hour every day.  He is being way to hard on himself.  When you look at the Presidents Official White House schedule everyday like I do at, http://www.whitehouse.gov/schedule/president/, you will really feel sorry for how hard this President is working.  This week breaks down as follows:

Monday-1/23:  10:30 AM-He receives WH Briefing;  1:40 PM-President welcomes the six-time Stanley Cup Champion Boston Bruins to the White House to honor the team and their 2011 Stanley Cup victory.  That’s it for the day!

Tuesday-1/24-9:00 PM-The President delivers the State of the Union Address.  That’s it!

Wednesday-1/25-9:50 AM-President leaves for Cedar Rapids, IA the President tours Conveyor Engineering & Manufacturing (Campaign Speech) ;  At 2:30 PM leaves for Las Vegas and the President delivers remarks at Intel Ocotillo Campus (Campaign Speech) .  Same time he insults Governor Jan Brewer at the airport.  Then leave for Las Vegas at 8:30 PM

Thursday-1/26-1:00 PM-The President delivers remarks at UPS Las Vegas.  at 3:00 PM leaves Las Vegas for Buckley Air force Base and the President delivers remarks at Buckley Air Force Base on American energy.  (Campaign Speech)  Leaves for Detroit at 8:30 PM

Friday-1/27-9:45 AM-The President delivers remarks at the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor (Campaign Speech).  Flies back to DC and at 1:40PM the President delivers remarks at the Democratic Issues Conference (Campaign Speech). At 3:30 PM the President and the Vice President meets with Secretary of State Hillary Clinton. At 4:30 PM the President delivers remarks at a campaign event (Campaign Speech).

So, looks like other than one WH briefing on Monday, and one meeting with Secretary Clinton, Obama was doing what he always does, campaign.  The other interesting note is that his day begins around 10:00 AM.  Must be nice!

I guess I wonder when he has a chance to make a mistake, every hour, every day?  (tongue in cheek)  The bottom line is that as President, he is constant campaign mode and never “touches” the real people.  Yes Mr. President, you have made many, many mistakes from our perspective.  From your perspective, you have not made any mistakes and are transforming this great nation into a debtor nation of catastrophic proportions.  Your rapid expansion of socialism is unprecedented and your bankrupting of this nation in three years is legend.  You will amass an additional 6 trillion dollars in new debt in 4 years and by the end of your second term, God Forbid, you will have increased the national debt by 14 trillion dollars, more than doubling our debt under you watch.

You didn’t make the mistake, WE DID BY VOTING YOU INTO OFFICE.  Hopefully we will put you in the unemployment line collection your half a million a year (minimum) in salary and perks for the rest of your life.  That will be cheap in comparison to giving you a second term…

RD Pierini

Hat Tip Daily Mail: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2092517/Obama-admits-presidency-flawed–claims-economy-stronger.html#ixzz1kiQJSEYz

White House Schedule: http://www.whitehouse.gov/schedule/president/2012-W04

Matzav:  http://matzav.com/obama-bush-is-food-stamp-president-not-me


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