Newt-Mitt–Grow UP! Focus on the Issues

Newt Gingrich and Mitt Romney need to grow up and stop the negative campaigning on truly insignificant issues.  They need to focus on their philosophy, their programs, and the plight of the American People.  Unfortunately negative ads work so my plea is probably for naught.  You can’t attack Mitt’s income without attacking capitalism which is dumb at best.  You can’t attach Newt’s Speakership without siding with Nancy Pelosi!  STOP!

Newt, between taxes and charitable contributions Mitt paid out 40% of his income in 2010.  His charitable contributions equaled 15%!  His income is primarily from investment income which is fine.  He made his money as a venture capitalist fair and square.  VCs are not necessarily the most humane people on this earth but they are a necessary evil to provide capital to start-ups and other businesses that can’t obtain capital through traditional sources such as banks.  His investments in Fannie and Freddie were through Goldman Sachs funds that had literally 100’s of companies that it invested in.  So what!  I would rather have the private sector invest in Freddie and Fannie than have the taxpayers bail them out!

Mitt, Newt made a lot of enemies in the House back in the 90’s.  He helped defeat the Democrats in the House for the first time in 40 years.  The house ethics rules back then made it easy to file ethics charges against a ham sandwich let alone the guy who was their poster child for their loss of power.  In the end, all of the supposed fines were dropped.  He was the House whip when George Bush I reneged on his pledge for no new taxes.  Newt opposed Bush tax increases so Newt is now hated by the entire Bush Machine.  So now, you have the Bush Machine, including ex chief of staff John Sununu bad mouthing Newt at every turn.

Both of these candidates need to focus on Obama and his SOTU address where Obama doubled down on his class warfare and set up a summer of discontent.  Unchecked, Obama will foment riots in the streets this summer and a radical turn towards a not so civil war based on Saul Alinski, Karl Marx, and Sir Thomas More tactics! 

Newt, Mitt, Santorum and Paul have to stand up for the American Dream and stop hammering each other with idiotic themes.  When they are on debates, do not answer any questions that are not policy based and focus on defining the differences between themself and Obama.  This is not rocket science.  It is, however, a matter of life and death!

The most critical Presidential Election issue is the fact that at least 2 Supreme Court Justices will leave the court in the next 4 years.  Have any of the candidates mentioned this?  If we hand this election to Obama by all of this inside bickering, we will end up with the most liberal Supreme Court since the Warren or Burger courts.  We need a Vince Lombardi to help keep these candidates focused!

RD Pierini

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