Why Romney Can’t Excite Voters

All of the pundits cite Romney’s great organization skills; his ability to raise money; his “conservative” values and track record; and the way he “looks” presidential on stage.  So why did Romney lose Iowa and South Carolina.  Simple.  Romney is boring and has the charisma of a rock!  Romney talks and behaves like he really is not all that engaged in the campaign.  He tries to elevate his voice to make points sound sincere but it comes across hollow.  We did not buy into John McCain and we are not buying into Romney. 

No matter how much the Republican elite try to shove him down our throats, we are not buying the package.  Chris Christie, Karl Rove, Dana Perino, and the entire Bush Empire and their elite money machines are selling Romney because he will maintain their “Republican” status quo.  The Republican elite and media tries to tell us that he is the only one who can debate Obama.  Romney has not decisively won a debate so far this season.  Ron Paul connects better with voters in debates than does Romney.

Why did Santorum win in Iowa?  Because he went to every single county multiple times and let the people touch and feel him.  In Iowa, face to face sells unless you screw up major in a debate which Santorum did not.  Santorum, however passionate he is in his gut, does not come across as well in debates as he does in person.  In debates, he tends to be perceived as aloof and whiney.  In person, his passion comes across much better.  Unfortunately for Santorum, the rest of the primaries will be decided more on debate performance as they rest of the states will come at the candidates rapidly precluding a lot of face time.

Why did South Carolina votes break for Newt?  Because, regardless of the media’s hammering of his “personal values”, he comes across passionate about the plight of Americans, Religious freedom, Obama’s failures, how to fix Social Security and Medicare, and State’s rights.  You can actually touch and feel his passion.  Newt would have surged and stayed on top earlier if it weren’t for his own style and way of scaring people like he did when he threatened to fire all of the federal judges.  I agree with this sentiment but it is something you do quietly after the election or you have to take the time to bring the public along with you. 

The Elite Republican insiders may be able to eventually buy this election by pumping an inordinate amount of money into Romney’s campaign, but if that happens, we will end up with another John McCain who will eventually wimp out against Obama.  The Left does not play fair; they will lie; they will cheat and they will pull out all of the stops to keep Obama in play.  You better have a lot of fire in your belly to go up against this crowd.  Romney so far does not show this level of committment.

RD Pierini


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