Another Freedom Loss-“Stop Online Piracy Act”-Another Takeover of your Personal Rights by Government

Congress and the Obama Administration is at it again, the abrogation of Your Rights.  At the heart is your access to websites and content that may or may not be subject to or in violation of Copyright or Patent infringement.  Do we condone theft?  Absolutely not but we already have laws to protect the theft of Copyrighted materials or the publication of the design details of patented materials.  We also have laws to ensure due process to protect those who may be inappropriately charged with violations under this new law.

Who is OPPOSING this new Law?

  • Wikipedia-One of the most accessed research site in the world
  • Google
  • Yahoo
  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • eBay
  • and many more…

Why are they Opposing this new Law?  If you posted on Facebook the design for a patented item, FACEBOOK could be sued for patent infringement.  If you post a copyrighted video to YouTube, YouTube could be sued.  If  your site is within all existing US and International Laws, but you link to a website or advertise a website that offers copyrighted Hollywood movies for free, whoever hosts your website Can be Sued!  In short, this law attempts to make internet service providers, sites like WordPress who host thousands of Blog sites, social media sites, and other free sites offering “open system” access to materials, WOULD BE FORCED TO CENSOR CONTENT WITHOUT DUE PROCESS!

We understand that Hollywood and the Music Industry needs to be protected from piracy, especially by countries who engage openly in this practice.  But, there are laws on the books today that protect Copyrights and Patents and the GOVERNMENT should do their duty and enforce laws that are already on the books.  Why doesn’t the US Government go after China who is one of the largest, open, pirates of music and movies?  Why should Google or Bing have to do the Government’s job?

This is another piece of ill-advised legislation that will create unintended consequences (I hope they are unintended) that lead to a loss in your freedom to seek materials on the web that enrich your lives and further the education of everyone. 

We are becoming the most informed nation on earth thanks to the internet.  You have access to the entire world if you write a blog or link to sites on your Facebook page.  Government is not a proponent of an informed citizenry and will look for ways to encroach on your ability to inform yourselves.  If you don’t need the media to inform yourself, then what good is it for those in power to control the media?  That is what they fear most.

Contact Congress now to voice your opposition to this bill.  Go to Wikipedia ( tomorrow and you will see their blackout page that they are posting to protest this law. 

This is just another extension of the Government takeover of your rights.  They can already have the military arrest and detain you indefinitely without due process.  Don’t let them arrest and detain your BRAIN by censoring the internet.

RD Pierini

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One thought on “Another Freedom Loss-“Stop Online Piracy Act”-Another Takeover of your Personal Rights by Government”

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