Hypocrits-Quit Criticising Our Young Troops’ Actions-They Have Politicians as their “Role Models”!

We stood by as our troops in Iraq and the Secretary of Defense were vilified after the photos at the Abu Ghraib prison was released.  The NY Times ran the Abu Ghraib story and pictures for weeks above the fold.  Now, allegedly, a group of 4 Marines were caught on video urinating on dead Taliban members. 

Now, everyone from sea to shining sea, is outraged, disgusted, and incensed, that our armed forces could perform such a hideous act.  Well boys and girls, here is a quote from General George S. Patton regarding his “urinating in absentia” on Adolf Hitler as Patton crossed the Rhine:

“I drove to the Rhine River and went across on the pontoon bridge. I stopped in the middle to take a piss and then picked up some dirt on the far side in emulation of William the Conqueror.”

General George S. Patton, March 1945

It seems like maybe William the Conqueror also engaged in despicable actions as well.  The bottom line is guys that our Marines are our Children.  Many are between 18-20 years old.  If they were at home, they would be engaging in similar acts of folly on college campuses, tail gating parties, or other venues where kids will be kids. 

Make sure you keep their actions in the proper context of what they are thrown into when going into Iraq or Afghanistan.  The Taliban perform genital mutilation in females to “control their sexual urges”.  They regularly beat and terrorize their wives and children.  They can kill their wives or daughters if they are found to be immoral which can include just being in the proximity of another male they are not married to.  When our soldiers are captured, God help them if they are female.  Our female soldiers that are captured are subjected to all kinds of sexual perversion as it is “permitted” as they are infidels.  The guys are subjected to similar perversions but they are usually just beheaded and paraded around as trophies.

Then, how about the role models back home in our government.  Our government just passed a bill permitting Bestiality and Sodomy in the armed forces.  For those who don;t understand the first term, bestiality is performing a sexual act with an animal of any kind.  But WE CAN’T PEE ON A DEAD ENEMY THAT WE WERE JUST ORDER TO SHOOT OR BLOW UP WITH DRONE MISSILE!  I would think we may have a little more empathy for our livestock but then that is government for you!  We have Congressmen and women sexually harassing interns; involved in all kinds of questionable financial transactions for personal gain; and working only 1,100 hours a year and being paid tons more than our soldiers are who are risking their lives everyday.

Should we pee on dead bodies?  No we should not, at least don;t be dumb enough to film it!  The soldiers should get off with a good tongue lashing and maybe a month or two cleaning latrines.  But let’s get off of our soap box for a minute and focus on our own shortcomings.  Our country is a mess and we created it.  Let’s focus on finding 450 or so good people to elect to Congress and someone who has a clue to run the White House and leave our kids alone. 

Tone down the rhetoric;  Tell CAIR (Council on American Islamic Relations) to be as outraged the next time one of our soldiers is raped and murdered then paraded around town like a trophy; tell Afghan President Hamid Karzai to work up this much outrage at Taliban “insensitivities”; then tell the Taliban that the peace talks are off and eliminate them from the face of this earth so another women does not have to suffer at their hands…

RD Pierini

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