Happy New Year: Obama Can Now Use the Military to Arrest You, Detain You Indefinitely-And Without Probable Cause or Due Process

Bill:  “National Defense Authorization Act for Fiscal Year 2012.” Signed into Law by Obama on December 31, 2011

The Miltary can come into your home, place of business, or where ever you are without a warrant; the Military can then take you into custody without an arrest warrant, without producing any probable cause, and without any other form of due process; and the Military can then take you anywhere in the world and detain you forever without legal representation…  All the President has to say is that you are a terrorist suspect!  End of story, end of you!

Several of us were screaming bloody murder, maybe literally, when Bush pushed and got the Patriot Act passed by a Republican Congress.  It was bad enough to expand domestic and foreign surveillance to the point US citizens could be the target of wire taps or other means of electronic surveillance with only a single judge reviewing the application for the snoop job.  The threshold for obtaining a FISA warrant under the Patriot Act was thin at best.  But, this new law, which vastly expands Executive autocratic powers against average US citizens,  has shredded 235 years of Constitutional Government and eliminated all forms of controls on the Government by the People.  Now it is Government by the Government, For the Government. 

Obama had his lackies in the administration float the lie that he opposed giving these sweeping powers to the President and that Obama would veto the bill.  This turned out to be a complete lie as Carl Levin, a DEMOCRAT spilled the beans and said that Obama insisted on having this language in the bill.  Plausible deniability, not quite!  This is an overt attempt to give the President total control over US Citizens.  How many detained citizens would it take before everyone began to fear that they two would be imprisoned if they did not accept all of the Dictates of Obama?  10, 100, 1000? 

What would Boehner or McConnell do in Congress?  They could not do anything.  They SUPPORTED THIS BILL AND PASSED IT!  Maybe Landmark Legal or some other conservative group would get a case before the Supreme Court and try to get this law overturned but that could take well beyond a Obama 2nd term.  But, who is to say that Mark R. Levin of Landmark Legal would not be branded a suspected domestic terrorist and detained just to kill the lawsuit?

You may say that this is the United States and that could not happen here!  Think again.  This same erosion of personal freedom always precedes the rise of a dictator.  This same erosion of personal freedom is always AGREED TO by the people either directly or through their elected officials.  Better wake up now, it may be too late!

RD Pierini

Prison Planet: http://www.infowars.com/president-obamas-ndaa-signing-statement-i-have-the-power-to-detain-americans-but-i-wont/



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