Obama’s Golf Cost YOU $49.9 Billion Per Round of Golf or $31 Million Per HOLE! Mulligan Anyone?

Obama hit a new golfing milestone for his Presidency this week in Hawaii by logging his 90th round since he became President.  This is a failed Presidency that has racked up $4.5 Trillion in New Debt while driving U-3 Unemployment rate of 8.6%; a U-4 Unemployment rate of 9.3%, u-6 Unemployment rate of 15.6%.  (More on Unemployment Statistics Later)  To add insult to injury, Michelle O is sporting around in $2,000 “sun dresses” while they blow another $4,000,000 on yet another vacation. 

The national debt now stands at $15.1 Trillion dollars which means that every man, woman and child in the US owes $48,528 even if they have no personal debt.  This year’s New Years baby will come into this world owing $50,000 before taking his or her first breath in this “free world”.  We are racking up $3.95 Billion in New Debt every single day!

Obama is the first president to preside over an economy where the national debt, $15.1 Trillion, will exceed the Gross Domestic Product of this nation.  By the end of Obama’s first term, the National Debt is estimated to exceed $16.7 Trillion and the GDP will be around $15.5 Trillion.  We are now in the company of Greece, Italy, Portugal and Spain… 

The Congress, including our wonderful Republicans in the House, have already approved the next $1.2 Trillion in debt ceiling increase so we have no chance of controlling spending in 2012 either.  Obama will suck every last drop of blood out of the remaining authorized spending to insure that the American Public have nowhere to turn except to him for “relief”. 

By the end of Obama’s first term, there will probably be less than 50% of the population paying taxes and more than 50% of the population receiving some form of aid from Obama.  He will probably be crowned King in the 2012 election rather than be defeated.

While the Emperor (Obama) is Fiddling (or golfing), and the nation is burning, figuratively speaking, the Republican Party and their accomplices in the media are insuring that the Republican Presidential candidate is anything but a conservative who could turn the tide of this nation and restore it to greatness.  Rather, we will either have a Romney or a Gingrich, both of whom are anything but true conservatives.  Both believe in a national healthcare system; both believe in big government solutions; both believe in a Government/Wall Street partnership; both believe that limited freedom trumps limited government; and both will preserve the current tax code that is at the very core of the cancer that is eating away at every freedom the Founders fought for.

We are being led around by contrived polling that pushes the agenda the Progressive Democrats and Republicans both worship.  Everyone wants to back a leader and does not want to back someone who is perceived to be a “loser”.  Polls elevate the pet policies and candidates that they want you to follow.  How many times have you read a poll that you said to yourself, “Wow, I don’t agree with those people?”  Probably many times.  But, after you see poll after poll supporting “X”, you get worn down and start doubting your own judgement.  When this happens, go back to your original belief.  It is usually always right. 

Do you believe in:

  • Eliminating prayer in school and at all public events?
  • Changing “Christmas” Into “Winter Holiday”?
  • Changing “Easter” into “Spring Break”?
  • Taking “In God We Trust” off of our currency and public buildings?
  • Making more and more of our neighbors dependent on the government for their sole support?
  • Giving illegal aliens the same if not superior rights to those of US Citizens?
  • Having the government pay for NPR, PBS, or Planned Parenthood?
  • Not requiring a photo id in order to vote?
  • Having the Dept of Justice set up a hot line to help illegals who have been arrested by local authorities so the DOJ can investigate local authorities?
  • Having the Federal Government sue States over the States’ attempts to control illegal immigration?
  • Having Obamacare tell religious organizations that they have to support practices and procedures that violate their religious beliefs?

If you answered yes to the majority of these, you are reading the wrong blog.  If you answered No to most of these, then you should ignore polling statistics and go with your own judgement as it is actually supported by more of your friends and neighbors.

Let Obama play all the gold he wants, you can’t stop it anyway.  Let Michelle try to cram her warped beliefs of “nutrition” down your through while she dines on Lobster and butter, you can’t stop her anyway.  But, in 2012, vote for true conservative candidates for the House, Senate and governor.  Even if we do not take back the Presidency because we run another John McCain, we can control Congress.  We need a veto proof majority in both houses to start to turn this “Titanic” around which is very doable.  This veto proof majority can block Obama’s executive orders and his run away administrative offices.  If he tries to pull any type of authoritarian takeover by ignoring Congress, he can be impeached.

Support your national and local Tea Parties and get involved.  We have to combat the “occupy” groups that are the creation of and under the control of Obama and the Progressives.  They will try to intimidate you at every turn but remember those 56 brave souls who signed the Declaration of Independence, which was an act of treason against the most powerful empire on earth. 

Taking back the country and reestablishing the Constitutional Rule of Law is not treason,

it is the ultimate act of patriotism.  It is up to you…

RD Pierini


Ice HotLine: http://www.politico.com/news/stories/1211/70943.html


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