Eric Holder-Supports Supplying Guns to Drug Dealers-Opposes Photo ID to Vote-Talk About the Wrong Stuff!

The definition for a Progressive Hack should have Eric Holder’s picture next to it!  Holder and his Justice Department illegally sold guns and other weapons to Mexican Drug Dealers that resulted in the death of at least one US ICE agent and countless Mexican nationals, but this same Holder refuses to uphold the integrity of our voting process by supporting the requirement to show a photo Id to vote!  The gun running was an attempt to show that the 2nd Amendment was broken and that we needed tougher gun laws.  The only problem is that the sale of these weapons was by the Government of the United States, not some bunch of right-wing wackos whom they love to portray as gun loving, Bible thumping rednecks. 

Now Holder is waging a war against our States who are trying to add some sanity to our voting process by requiring that voters present a photo Id at their polling place prior to being able to vote.  Why not, he is suing several of them for trying to enforce immigration laws that he is supposed to enforce.  Then when he is forced to answer questions in front of Congress, he pulls out his deck of Race Cards and cries foul since he and the President are African-Americans!!!  Point of order Mr AG, Obama is only half African-American.  So I guess we just disagree with half of him!!!

Grow up!  You are the top law enforcement officer of the United States.  What do you have to fear by people showing photo Ids?  Is my Wal-Mart Pharmacy racist when they require me to show my photo Id when picking up my prescription refills?  Is your TSA racists by requiring a photo Id before I can board a plane or other forms of “controlled” mass transit?  Are practically all banks and retail outlets racist by requiring to see my photo Id to make withdrawals or use credit or debit cards?  It is virtually impossible to live in this country without a photo Id.  The DMVs issue them for a nominal fee if you don’t drive or have a passport.  What is the big deal?  Oh yea, you can’t coerce illegal aliens to vote for you President if they must have photo Ids in order to vote. 

It is time for Holder to leave.  Please support Darrel Issa in his quest to get to the bottom of “Fast and Furious” and the entire Republican and Tea Party effort to support photo Id laws when voting.  He is claiming that this is racial discrimination against the poor and persons of color.  Really?  They don’t have a photo Id?  Get real… 

It would be a shame to lose an election because 10% of those who voted are not even citizens of this country.  This is nuts!  It is one thing to systematically take away all of our personal liberties, create business choking regulations, make it impossible to find a job, but it is another to disenfranchise US taxpayers!  Is this effort Racist?

RD Pierini


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