You Can Be Arrested Without Probable Cause-Then Detained at Guantanamo Forever-Constitution is Now Dead

I actually thought the House of Representatives has some sense of the Constitution and would remove the provision from the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) that gave the MILITARY the right to ARREST an AMERICAN CITIZEN on AMERICAN SOIL, or anywhere in the world, WITHOUT PROBABLE CAUSE OR DUE PROCESS, and DETAIL YOU INDEFINITELY, ANYWHERE IN THE WORLD! 




This is so wrong on so many levels I don’t know where to start or how to keep from showering every other word with an expletive!  (Expletive is a word I learned listening to the Nixon Tapes) 

Let’s say your name is Gary Smith.  There is someone who has come into this country from Iran and stolen your identity.  This person has used your identity to communicate with known international terrorists and has traveled back and forth to Iran and Pakistan.  The NSA picks this up and starts tracking Gary Smith.  Pretty soon you become a person of interest then you are placed on a high value terrorist list.  Next think someone from the NSA calls Fort Bragg and they send a Humvee full of soldiers to your home at midnight; remove you from your home; take you to a military airbase; ship your rear end to Gitmo; and start questioning you there.  They can question you for as long as they want without a lawyer or even notifying your family.  How are you going to prove that you, an American Citizen is the target of identity theft and this is all a mistake?

We have a constitution that is the basis for dealing with criminal activity by Citizens of the United States.  There are statutes that deal with treasonsist behavior such as terrorism by a citizen; then why this abdication of the Constitution in favor of Obama’s non existent war on terror?  The Patriot Act was scary enough but his is beyond scary.  Especially when you consider that Obama just recently assassinated two US Citizens in Yemen based on what he perceives to be his right under the Patriot Act.  Where are the limits to this power.  Would this or any President use this power for Political gain.  Clinton used the FBI to gain access to files on their political enemies.  Is it too far to imagine that this President would use this power to squash political opponents?  Ask Scooter Libby if he thinks the government should have this power…

2012 is just as critical to this nation as was 1776.  We will be publishing an article specifically on the turning point comparisons of these two years and why you don;t have time to sit back and expect things will get better on their own.  We have one weapon at our disposal and that is the ballot box.  We are continually being manipulated even there by the media, the Left and the Right, to only choose candidates they have blessed.  You need to stop following the Pied Piper and start looking at true Constitutionalist for President in 2012.  That does not include Romney, Gingrich, Huntsman or Paul.  You also need to support Tea Party candidates for the Senate and the House.  IF your governor is a liberal, you need to get him or her replaced with a conservative.  We may need to use the States to combat this behemoth federal government and only conservative governors will support taking the federal government on.

IF your Congressman is having town hall meetings in the next couple of weeks, you need to ask how they voted on this bill and why they did not remove this heinous provision in this bill.  They work for you…

RD Pierini

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