Just Say No To: Environmentalist-Global Warming Nuts-Politically Correct Police-Too Big To Fail Progressives

We have been conditioned to knee jerk when an environmental group says something is bad just because they say so.  Have you ever really seen the proof yourself?  Or to believe in global warming because someone said we should regardless of the facts just or because some overweight Ex-Vice President says so.  You should question global warming just because Cameron Diaz supports it.  She is not exactly a rocket scientist… 

Or you can’t say Merry Christmas because you may offend an atheist.  Or you open a door for a feminist and she slaps you!  Or Tebow gets hammered when he makes a Pro-Life ad and says a prayer on the field in public view but it is ok for Madonna, who has had admittedly 11 abortions, to poison our daughters with pro abortion rhetoric in her music and public statements while parading around most naked in public.

Or you are told you are stupid, and believe you are because they told you so, when you said you don’t think the concept of too big to fail does not make any sense.  If they are too big, how did they get that big?  How did we end up with 6 banks controlling over 90% of the US Banking industry?  How did we end up with AT&T dominating our communications networks again after being broken apart in the 80’s? 

Americans have become numbed by minor, insignificant groups within our society who have taken a great nation and literally brought it to its knees by saying NO to sound public policy the  getting us to acquiesce.  These groups are not intellectually, morally, or scientifically superior to any of us.  They are just loud and have the public media behind them. 

Getting tired of being made to feel guilty for just living? 

  • You use too much energy. 
  • You waste too much water. 
  • You are endangering all kind of bugs, fish, birds, animals and other assorted creepy crawlers. 
  • You are just plain greedy because you have two cars, a house with a mortgage you are paying, and you have 2.2 kids that you are trying to get through school. 
  • You are rich because you and your wife combined make $125,000 per year and you live in California or Florida.

Then, you feel guilty to live in the US because:

  • You are told that the US uses more than its share of the earth’s resources.
  • You are told that the US is one of the largest contributors to Global Warming.
  • You are told that the US is ripping holes in the Ozone layer because of its use of aerosols for asthma inhalers.
  • You are told that the US is fishing the oceans dry and it is your fault because you like salmon.
  • We go around bombing countries without provocation.
  • We complain when we contribute more than our share to support the United Nations that hates us.

It is not logical to you that:

  • The US is sitting on top of the largest oil and shale reserves in the world and we do not use it.
  • The US developed and is the technology leader for nuclear energy, included how to recycle fuel rods, but we do not use it.
  • We have the demand for more refining capacity for gasoline but have not built a refinery in over 30 years.
  • In California, we have the capacity to double our water reserves in the Sierra Nevada’s through the use of new dams but will not build them and as a result are in a constant state of a drought because of it.
  • Cities by some rivers cannot use the water because some fish might be harmed so these cities are contemplating building desalination plants when the river water is just flowing out to the ocean.
  • You can’t figure out why it takes 9 months to go through the process to open a pizza restaurant due to regulations.
  • Why you have to hire an accountant to do your taxes when you only have wages and some investments.

It is time to say NO!

NO to not being able to use our own rivers for drinking water.

NO to not being able to drill for oil or natural gas on our own lands.

NO to not being able to build pipelines, refineries and other infrastructure to support our business and personal needs.

NO to not being able to have a reasonable car to drive that you don’t have to plug into a wall socket to power it, then catch your garage on fire!

NO to the government and Mrs. O telling you what and how to eat.  Get out of my plate!

NO to Happy Holidays and say Merry Christmas or Happy HanukkahIf you are an atheist, the you should not be shopping or celebrating anyway.  You should be at work and not able to observe the “religious” holidays.

NO to one ethnic group, a religious group, a sexual orientation group, or any other subdivision of human beings the left can think of, being “sacred” and worth more than everyone else just because they are in the minority.  We were all in the minority at one time or another.  Get over it and become an American.

NO to the government dictating what our healthcare system should be.

NO to the government stealing from Social Security to fund a “payroll tax cut” that is merely a way to rob money from seniors for votes!

NO to the government telling me I have to join a union to work at my local school, or at my local healthcare facility, or at my local Boeing plant!

NO to higher federal taxes unless we vote on them and the Congress keeps spending to 18% or less of our GDP.

NO to Federal deficit spending.  If you don’t have it, don’t print it or don’t borrow it.

NO to higher State and local taxes unless we vote on them and our local legislatures keep spending under control.

NO to Politicians who want to serve more than 2 terms.  2 is enough for the President, it is enough for every other elected office in this country INCLUDING JUDGES.

NO to idiotic environmental impact studies and get back to common sense.  If a study takes longer than the project, then the study is not needed.

NO to all regulations and we start over and the CONGRESS HAS TO READ AND VOTE ON AND APPROVE ALL NEW REGULATIONS.

NO to the Government having a budget that automatically increases every year.  Every year their budget starts at zero and they have to review an justify every cent they spend.  That is what they are supposed to do and that is the primary job of the House of Representatives.   

NO to working on legislation to build monuments to each other, especially members of Congress, who have been found guilty of ethics violations, Charlie Rangel.

NO to allowing the Congress or the President to take one our off of work if a budget is not passed by October 1st every single year.  No one in the Congress or the Administration should be paid one cent if the budget is not adopted. 

NO to raising the debt ceiling any more until the government gives back to the American People the trillions of dollars the people lost due to government malfeasance that led to the 2008 Depression.

This list could go on for days.  In fact you should print this off then start adding your own.  It is time for this nonsense to end.  We need to tell all of these special interest that have seized control over our country to SIT DOWN AND SHUT UP!  WE HAVE HAD ENOUGH OF THEIR CRAP, THEIR JUNK SCIENCE, AND THEIR CELEBRITY CAUSES.  (Google or Bing one of your favorite Hollywood stars or starlets and you will most likely find that the more activist they are, the less educated they are.)

Don’t think that our fight is just with Republicans or Democrats.  It is with everyone in government.  Government is about power and these special interests allow Government types to control us.  Find out how your Congress men and women feel about these issues and vote them out if they are tied to the special interests.  This is not an overnight process but one we can win…

RD Pierini

No Hat Tips, I was just ticked off!


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