Freedom and Capitalism Under Attack–Obama on a Last Ditch Effort to Destroy Western Civilization

Obama finally came out Wednesday with his Marxist Manifesto that many of us knew he espoused three years ago.  In Osawatomie, Kansas  he said:

Limited Gov’t That Preserves Free Markets Doesn’t Work. It Has Never Worked“. 

     I guess this nation just appeared out of the ashes of time and was, all of sudden, the leader of the World throughout most of the 20th and so far in the 21st century.  Until recently, the Federal Government remained relatively small as a percentage of our GDP.  Businesses were relatively free to operate in free markets that promoted growth and made US Businesses the most competitive force world-wide and their work forces the most productive of any industrialized country.  The Free Market oriented environment catapulted US citizens into the lead enjoying the highest standard of living worldwide.  Were there inequities?  Sure.  But, the society generated sufficient surpluses that if they would have been applied properly, there would be little need for government “safety nets”.  The Roosevelt, Johnson, and Carter presidencies began the Marxist movements to take over this country but the electorate woke up in time to elect conservative governments and allowed the country to revert to limited government and free enterprise.  But, with each of these  progressive administrations, some of the progressive cancer was left in our nation to rot away at our fabric.  Then along came Obama who is a devout Marxist and who has moved this country closer to the progressive abyss.  On Wednesday, he also said; 

…and, that Americans must look to a more activist government that taxes more, spends more and regulates more if they want to preserve the middle class.

Let’s parse this statement carefully:

  • More activist government:  This means that the government and its bureaucracy will entrench itself into every facet of your life and the society as a whole.  Obamacare will dictate to you how you live and die.  Obamavironment will force green energy down your throat and drive up the cost of gasoline, home heating, and every energy that we depend on today further shrinking your disposable income.  Obama-Internationalization will force the US to become subservient to the UN and integrate Islamic Sharia law into our judicial systems.  You will lose the right to own property including currency, a job, home, investments etc. and anything you “get” will be from the government.
  • Taxes More:  Tax who?  48% of Americans don’t pay taxes now.  That only leaves those left in the middle class who are working.  You can’t tax the rich enough to support a $4 Billion plus government.  There are simply not enough in the top 2-5% to support this expanded government.  While promoting taxing the rich, those of us in the middle class better hold onto our wallets.  The only real pool of cash is in the middle class.  Why, because that is where the bulk of the money is due to the sheer number of people in the middle class… 
  • Spends More:  We have the largest national debt to GDP level today than at any other time in our history.  The more we spend, the more we go into debt, the more we drive misery into every facet of our society.  Do you feel better now that we have increased our national debt by 50% in 3 years?  I doubt it.  Every dollar the government spends comes out of the private sector, you.  Unless you are one of the ruling class, every dollar spent by the government drives your standard of living down.  As Margaret Thatcher said of European Socialists:  “The problem with socialism is that eventually you run out of other people’s money.”  the “other people’s money” is from the middle class.  The “rich” will never be taxed by the ruling class as they are one and the same.  General Electric paid no taxes last year on $5 Billion in income;  Obama is attending a $35,000 per plate fund-raiser with Wall Street types;  even Michael Moore had to admit that there is no difference between Obama and Wall Street…
  • Regulates More:  This is the real tool of Marxism.  In order to kill capitalism, you have to remove that evil word, profits.  Profits are what allows a company to fund its growth, secure stockholders, and hire more employees.  Regulations increase the cost to do business and eats away at the sorely needed profits that keep a company growing and strong.  The end result is that business have to move out of the country in order to survive.  Obama has taken regulation to a new level driving up the cost of energy, healthcare, and government compliance to levels forcing businesses overseas.  Regulation is a hidden business tax that eats away at competition. 
  • Preserve the Middle Class:  What this means is that they must have the masses survive to suck the lifeblood out of them to support the ruling class’s lifestyles.  They will not preserve your lifestyle.  Just think of the results from the housing crisis that was caused by government meddling in the housing markets.  Trillions of dollars have been robbed from home owners in equity and the vast majority of home owners are underwater with their mortgages.  The “preservation of the middle class” is the biggest lie of the Marxist.  The word preservation only describes the goal of preserving the ruling class by taking everything from the middle class.  Of course they will give you a stipend to live on.  They will give you “free” Medical care until you are 65 then they will make sure you are comfortable in your last days.  Marxism is the epitome of a parasitic organism.  We are really close to being committed to the large parasite in Washington DC…

Another way to view the Marxist Socialist agenda, just read the following simple quote from Karl Marx: 

“From each according to his ability, to each according to his need “

“In other words, Take from anyone who has money or property, then Give that to everyone who does not have money or property” 

Who is going to decide who to take from and who to give to?

Obama and Marx both see the “middle class” as the suckers who can be manipulated into hating others who may have more material assets than they.  They foster class warfare while lowering the standard of living of the middle class exacerbating their disdain for others who may appear to be more affluent.  The more they can drive the middle class down towards poverty, the easier it is to manipulate their emotions against the “haves”.  The trick is to keep the middle class looking at the “rich” rather than the government who is creating the problem.

Look at today’s Obama world. 

  • We have the more people on Food Stamps than at any time in our history.
  • We have the highest sustained levels of unemployment at anytime since the Great Depression.
  • We have 47% of our citizens receiving government assistance.
  • 48% of our citizens pay no taxes.
  • We have more foreclosures today than anytime in our history.
  • We have the most rapid accumulation of national and state debt than anytime in our history.
  • We have more regulations over the private sector than at anytime in our history.
  • We have more US companies moving overseas than at anytime in our history.
  • We have more people leaving the workforce today than at anytime in our history.

 While Obama’s words sound nice rolling off of the teleprompter onto his tongue and into your ears, take the time to read his words and stop listening to them.  There is no philosophical difference between Obama and Marx!  Just read his words.  Parse each sentence.  You do not have the luxury not to get engaged and do everything in your power to cleanse this government of the progressive cancer that has infected our nation. 

RD Pierini

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