You Will Pay a United Nations Climate Change Tax–Obama Says So!

In the middle of a depression, with millions out of work, this president has agreed to having the United Nations TAX US Citizens and Companies to support the Green Climate Fund and the Leftist Agenda to take down the US so level the global playing field! 

So much for Obama working night and day to create jobs!  The real kicker is the EUROPE IS EXEMPT!  According to this insane bunch of Global Socialists, “transactions within the Eurozone won’t have to pay this new tax.”  Our Imports from other countries, our exports to other countries, any of our travel to other countries, and any and all foreign currency transactions where an American is involved will be taxed.  We cannot compete globally now!  Now we are getting saddled with another tax by a bunch of environmental wackos and it is being sanctioned by Obama.

Obama believes that this is a good deal because our Constitution would force him to get Senate approval for a Climate Change Treaty.  He doesn’t think the Senate would ratify a climate change treaty so he will do the next best thing!  Tax us without representation by our elected Senators.  Has he looked at the Senate recently?  He controls the Senate with a Democrat Majority and his legislative lackey Dingy Harry Reid at the Helm.   

Anyone ready for Impeachment yet?  I know the Senate would never vote to Convict. 

But, it may make is all feel like someone is trying to look out for us! 

This is a criminal act by a criminal government…  And it will further exacerbate our economy and deepen our depression.  But the good news is that it will kill even more jobs and make us less competitive globally.  That is good news is you are a socialist hell-bent to destroy the greatest country on the face of this earth…

RD Pierini

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