You Can Be Detained Indefinitely by THE MILITARY if the National Defense Authorization Act is Adopted

John McCain, Lindsey Graham, Karl Levin and others rammed through Senate Bill 1867, the NDAA, that allows the US Military to arrest and detain, US Citizens, on US Soil, under the “worldwide indefinite detention without charge or trial” provision of the bill. 

Do you want to let that sink in for a minute? 

If you thought the Patriot Act was a bit overboard, just wait for this one to kick in!

You could be taken into custody: without due process; without access to legal representation; hauled off to anywhere in the world; held; interrogated; and even tried in a military court under this law.

American Citizens currently have, until this bill is adopted, some protection against their own military under the Posse Comitatus Act of 1878 which prohibited the military from performing law enforcement functions on US soil.  Section 1031 of this bill essentially repeals the Posse Comitatus Act of 1878 and allows the US military to roam around the country, supposedly looking for terrorists, and arresting US Citizens, even in their own homes!

I guess what bothers me even worse is that someone I had to vote for to be my President of the US, John McCain has been one of the driving forces behind this terrible bill.  This is a man who was a prisoner of war and tortured by our enemies voting to give the same right to our military to perform on our own citizens.  Then, his idiotic sidekick Lindsey Graham, is right behind him as always being John Jr. pushing the bill as well.  Lindsey used the lame excuse that we can bomb you, shoot you or detain you in a foreign country but if you get into the US, we have read you your Miranda rights.  Hey dummy, we are US citizens.  Quit giving terrorist US Citizenship and you won’t have this problem.  It is called border control.    We can only hope that this bill is killed in the House of Representatives. 

The vote in the Senate was basically Veto Proof at 61-37.  The WH has been claiming that it would veto this bill if passed.  Yea Right!  IF Obama did not want this bill passed, do you really think Dingy Harry Reid would have even allowed it to come to the floor for a vote!

I don’t know about you, but do you really want Obama, or any other President you have not yet met, have the power to arrest, detain, interrogate you, enhanced or not, without due process?  What Constitutional restraints has this President succumbed to so far?  NONE!  Now, we are going to make it legal for him to trample all over our rights in the name of terrorism.

One final point.  I was always under the impression that if a US citizen was accused of treason, we had laws on the books to deal with treason.  You would have to go through our own messy court system but then, we are US citizens!  Where do you draw the line?  We just have to trust you?  Yea Right!

I give up.  We just lost the War on Terror.  The Terrorists have Won!

RD Pierini



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