Obama’s Egypt Policy Converted Egypt into a Radical Islamic Republic Today!

Congratulation Obama!  You have now tied Jimmy Carter in creating Radical Islamic Republics!  But, you have set the stage to beat Carter handily.  Wow, maybe Libya, Tunisia, and Algeria will soon follow suit!  Then you will be ahead of Carter 4-1 in the bottom of the 9th!

Today, it appears that the Muslim Brotherhood will control 45% of the Egyptian Government with other fundamentalists controlling another large segment of the Government…

After living in Egypt for 7 years and now seeing that the Muslim Brotherhood has taken over this once magnificent empire, it is truly a sad day for me personally.  I watched first hand the “fundamental transformation” of Iran after it fell to the Radical Islamist in 1979 and it was like watching aliens invading and enslaving its captors.  But, this was Iranians enslaving Iranians in the name of Allah!

Egypt will soon deteriorate into less than what is was when the Russians held it captive economically during Nasser’s reign and the early days of Sadat’s reign.  The reason it will fail as a country is that it relies on tourism for 80% of its free foreign currency.  Its agricultural production is still going to pay off old debt.  The Egyptian Pound is still a controlled currency.   The World Bank has killed several large agribusiness projects, including mine, that could have provided for a non tourism based source of free foreign currency but that was not to be.  Now, the Islamist will all be scare off its primary tourism source, the West, due to the Radical Islamists’ hatred of Westerners and especially Christians. 

We have allowed a once solid ally to morph into a radicalized enemy in less than a year.  Wow, that is incredible. 

Obama’s predecessors share some of the blame in not forcing Mubarak to implement more political reforms sooner.  But it was Obama’s speech in Cairo that emboldened the Muslim Brotherhood and gave them a free pass to come out of their closet and instigate the riots that led to the downfall of this government…

It won’t be long until the entire northern rim of Africa from Egypt to Algeria will be dominated by Radical Islamists.  When this happens, we have Obama and his anti-West, pro Islamist policies to thank.  If anyone is under the delusion that the Muslim Brotherhood is any better than Al Qaeda, you better get a different flavor of cool-aid!  They are just as militant, better organized, and now have the largest Islamic Arab nation under their control (population wise). 

If I were a Coptic Christian, I would start seeking refuge somewhere else.  I would not come to the US, Obama has a “Anybody But Catholic” policy in place here.  Maybe Israel, while they are still here…

RD Pierini


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