Obama on AIDS, All Teleprompter, No Substance

Whether you agreed with President Bush or not, he created a program to combat AIDS worldwide, especially in the hardest hit areas of Africa, by spending $15 Billion dollars to combat this disease.  Obama today announced a nice plan to expand GOALS, but only committed $15 million dollars to insure that his aggressive goals would be met.  that is .3% of what Bush spent combatting AIDS

Once again, Obama is all Teleprompter and no Substance. 

Since this dreaded disease hits the Gay community the hardest, you would expect a huge outcry from the Gay community.  Instead you only hear the excruciating sound of SILENCE.

When an Obama aide was questioned about the disproportionate ratio of $$$’s to goals, he commented that the expanded targets would be funded through savings achieved by making the program more efficient and cutting the costs of treatment. 

Yea right!  Like his Obamacare actually reducing the cost of healthcare.

I would like, for once, for this president to stand up, say something, and what he said actually had a shred of fact in it.  Instead it is always rhetoric to keep his campaign going.  He may be one lousy president but he is a great campaigner.  We will see if it bears him any fruit in 2012. 

One can only hope we refer to Obama as the Ex President in 2013!

RD Pierini


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