Supreme Court Decided a Tomato is a Vegetable! Impact? Kids can Eat Pizza!

Good News!  Your kids can still get Pizza at the school cafeteria!  Thanks to Congress, not the President or his Wife.

Obama and his wife the “Chef-In-Chief” or “Big Nanny” has been on a rampage to make all of us eat crap would not ordinarily touch with a ten foot pole all the while she is attacking Lobster in Butter and her hubby is munching on Burgers and what ever else he can get when Big Nanny is not around.  Then lighting up a Marlboro!  Hypocritical?  You bet!

They are especially focused on School cafeteria’s and the food being served to our kids.  They think you need to change YOUR palate and they will change the palates of your children whether you like it or agree with it!  Who do these people really think they are?  This week Congress finally handed President Barack Obama a defeat in his administration’s efforts to make school lunches “healthier”.  In effect, the congressional action means that school kids will not be deprived of pizza and french fries, The Washington Post reported.  The move thwarted efforts of the U.S. Department of Agriculture to put limits on potatoes served in cafeterias and to redefine tomato paste, now counted as a serving of vegetables. The definition makes it easier to market pizza to schools, the Post reported.

Did you know that the SUPREME COURT found that tomatoes are in fact VEGETABLES.  Their ruling in 1893 classified tomatoes as a vegetable for customs purposes.  Justice Horace Gray, writing the opinion for the Court, stated that:

“The passages cited from the dictionaries define the word ‘fruit’ as the seed of plants, or that part of plants which contains the seed, and especially the juicy, pulpy products of certain plants, covering and containing the seed. These definitions have no tendency to show that tomatoes are ‘fruit,’ as distinguished from ‘vegetables,’ in common speech, or within the meaning of the tariff act.”

The hypocrisy of these two is actually much worse than you think.  This administration is removing water from thousands of acres of farmland, and initiating policies and regulations that make farming less and less viable.  Their green energy agenda is diverting millions of bushels of grain into gasoline rather than being used to feed humans or their livestock.  The result is that an apple is more expensive than a Big Mac so it is not surprising that people, especially lower-income families, are eating Big Macs rather than apples.  It is not cheap to eat right.  But, we have the agricultural capacity to double our current production of high quality, fruits, vegetables, nuts and citrus products. 

Maybe they can dine on steak and arugula (since we are paying for it) but the average US family cannot.  There are 48 million people on Food Stamps today.  We don’t need the President and his wife dictating what we are supposed to eat.  We need them both to grow up and start doing what we elected them for.  To promote this nations as the best on this earth; getting government out-of-the-way and allow our business to thrive and hire as many people as possible, and insure that taxes are kept low so we can use our money to better our own lives, not having them dictate their views for our lives.

These people are incredibly out of touch and narcissistic!  12 more months to freedom!.

RD Pierini


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