SuperCommittee = StupidCommittee

Just how damn dumb does Congress and this government really think we are?  Don’t answer that.  They think we are village idiots.  Ah, now I understand Hillary Clinton’s book “It takes a Village”.  A Village of idiots!  That is what both parties think we are!!!

  • You hear the number $1.2 Trillion Dollar Target for the StupidCommittee.  THAT IS OVER 10 YEARS or ONLY $120 BILLION PER YEAR!  That is a rounding error with these clowns!
  • You think that over the next 10 years that the budget would be cut by a total of $1.2 Trillion?  WRONG!  These morons are the only ones who budget 7% annual increases in the budget as the BASE LINE.  That means that every year, the budget is increased automatically by 7%.  So after 10 years, and if these morons can come up with a $1.2 Trillion dollar set of cuts, the deficit would INCREASE BY $9 TRILLION OVER THE NEXT 10 YEARS.  So where is the cut?  There is no cut with their autopilot 7% annual increases.  The entire Debt Crisis and the StupidCommittee sham is one of the darkest times of our Republic.

So, why did this government shove this StupidCommittee down our throats?  TO MAKE US THINK THAT THEY ACTUALLY PLANNED ON DOING THEIR JOB!  Ask yourself, why should they do their job?  Here is their retirement packages regardless of whether they try to represent us and do a good job!

  • President of the United States:  Retires on $450,000 per year plus unlimited office expenses
  • Speaker of the House (John Boehner):  Retires on $223,500 per year.
  • Senate Majority/Minority Leaders (Mitch McConnell and Harry Reid):  Retires on $223,500 per year.
  • Members of Congress:  Retires on $70,000 per year after 5 years of service.
    • All receive health services for life.
  • Annual Congressional Salary:  $174,000 plus their own cafeteria, health clinic, healthcare, etc., etc.–This is 3.4 Times the average US Salary and puts them in the top 5% of US wage earners…

Now, as many have you just recently learned, Congress and the President and their staffs have been immune from prosecution for Insider Trading.  This is another term for a License to Steal!  Just think, you pass legislation which increases the profits for credit card companies; then a credit card company issues stock for an IPO and you just happen to be in line to get the foundation stock!  And you make a 200% profit in a week!  Not a bad gig and all you have to do is keep the dummies, us, from kicking your sorry rear end out of Congress or the Presidency!

You will soon be bombarded with scares for another debt crisis; another spending crisis; another economic crisis; another cry for another stimulus; another cry for another bail out of some fat cat who keeps these bums in office. 

What can you do?

Join a Tea Party Now!  Google one of these or just Google “Tea Party”

There are literally thousands of local Tea Party organizations in your cities…  Don’t wait for the StupidCommittee or the rest of these bums to solve your problems.  Take charge and get together with your neighbors and take this nation back yourself!  It is that simple.

RD Pierini

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