Obama Gas Price Is Costing you $90.00 Extra/Mo–B of A Debit Card Charge was $5.00?

Bad Guys, B of A or Your Government ?

Currently, US gas price average is $3.41 per gallon today and rising.  When Obama was inaugurated, gas prices were $1.62 per gallon.  If your car gets 25 MPG and you drive 1,250 miles per month, you are spending more than $90.00 per month MORE than you would have in 2009.  

But, we let the Democrats and Obama demonize Bank of American, which I have a whole host of issues with, because they wanted to charge us $5.00 per month for using their Debit Card!  That is a $85.00 difference and we are complaining about the wrong demon.  The demons are in Washington DC! 

Now, oil prices are “quietly” creeping back up and will soon hit $4.00 gallon again.  This is at a time when Obama killed the building of the new trans Canada pipeline that would have increased our North America supply by over 5% of our daily usage.  This may not sound like much but it is a start. 

What will gas prices, let alone oil availability be when Israel bomb Iran?  Bet on it, Obama will blame Israel if gas prices go up. 

I don’t mean to give B of A a pass as they and their banking cohorts are the topic for many more articles.  But, we need to focus and quit knee jerking every time the government points to a “villain” and cries foul.  My grandmother had a saying when someone obviously “broke wind” then cried foul.  She used to say, “the fox to find her is close behind her!”  Meaning, that when Obama breaks wind and blames the banks, the drug companies, you, me, Big Macs, or Sister Theresa, remember, the stink is close behind Obama.  He and his merry band of Progressives are ripping this country apart at the seams then pointing their finger at everyone else but themselves. 

Any why we are on abuse, I wish Michelle Obama would keep her uninformed opinions on food to herself.  If her husband had any kind of a coherent energy and water policy, we could quit burning our food via ethanol, bring fallow lands back into production, and start actually producing better food for ourselves and the world.

RD Pierini


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