Nurses Sue For Time To Change Into Scrubs-What is Wrong With America

Healthcare costs are spiraling into the stratosphere; most people cannot afford even basic health insurance; those on Medicare are paying more and more of the scarce retirement dollars to pay for Medicare shortfalls; and Obamacare will finish off our healthcare system once and for all in the next two years.

Now, we have two nurses filing a class action lawsuit because their hospital employers require them to wear scrubs while on duty but do not pay these nurses to change their clothes and put on and take off their scrubs.  They claim changing into scrubs takes 15 minutes at the beginning and end of shift.  Natalie Fiore and Lisa Stransky have filed a lawsuit against HealthOne of Denver, the parent company of Aurora Medical Center to force them and other hospitals to pay for “changing” time for nurses.  Their suit would allow nurses to clock in then spend whatever time they want to change their clothes and be paid for this time. 

How about if they pay for the costs of their scrubs and the cleaning of those scrubs! 

Scrubs are basically pajamas.  If you go to work in a set of sweats, sweat pants and sweatshirt, just how long can it take to remove your sweat pants and sweatshirt and out on your scrub pants and top?  1-2 minutes?  How much time do nurses consume getting coffee during their shift that no ones tracks and deduct from them?  How many minutes do nurses consume on their personal cell phones during their shift that no ones tracks and deduct from them? 

American continues to pander to whiners and unmotivated citizens that continue to raise costs for all of us.  These nurses should thank their Lord that they have a good job, period!  The judge that allowed this class action should be removed from office for allowing frivolous law suits.  The hospital should terminate both nurses so those nurses have more time to contemplate a way to speed up changing their clothes!

We have to stop this insanity…  I am sure “Occupy Whatever” will add this to their list of grievances….

RD Pierini

Hat Tip, CBS Denver:


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