Sen McCain-Tea Party Has Receded-No Tea Party President Anytime Soon!

Well RINO-In-Chief, John McCain, said that “The tea party was a movement, not an organization, as we know. And so they’ve kind of receded, there was never any permanency to them.”  He said point-blank that he doesn’t expect to see a tea party candidate in the White House any time soon. 

Surprised?  I am not, consider the source.  McCain is a man who piggy-backed the Tea Party movement by naming Sarah Palin as his VP choice purely to overcome his RINO record and philosophy.  He then dumped Sarah by allowing his staff to over handle her then feeding her to the media wolves.  That is a real man for you.

I hope this really motivates all of us to re-up our Tea Party support.  The RINO Republicans and the Democrats both want to dump the Tea Party Conservatives and are jointly and severally doing everything they can to make sure a Tea Party Conservatives like Michelle Bachman, Rick Santorum or Herman Cain do not get the Republican nomination.  They have attacked Bachman and have driven her down to single poll digits and would do the same if Santorum dared to break into the 20’s.  Obviously we see what is happening to Herman Cain and the degree to which the RINOs and the Progressives will go to eliminate a conservative. 

Conservatives have to keep up the attack on the Left which includes RINOs and persevere all throughout this election.  Our candidates will be demonized by the Republican Left Wingers and the Progressives alike.  Just remember the vicious attacks against Sarah Palin, her daughters, her new son and her family in general.  Remember the “electronic lynching” of Clarence Thomas and now Herman Cain.  Remember the names and attacks on Michelle Malkin, Michelle Backman, and all of the others to dare to be an African-American or a Woman who happened to be a Conservative. 

This is not America and we have to take our country back and put it firmly under God once again.  Starting with a prayer would be the best then go to the Tea Party of your choice and get involved.  This is not going to be a pretty fight.

RD Pierini

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