RINO Hope–“Deadlocked Convention Could Turn to Christie, Bush”

I N   T H E I R   D R E A M S ! ! !


Good old Newsmax printed another fabrication in support of Republican Insiders today.  The article was:  “Deadlocked Convention Could Turn to Christie, Bush”, by Henry J. Reske.  This is just another pro RINO piece by Newsmax who seems hell-bent on replacing Bill Kristol and The Weekly Standard as the head RINO Publication.

I am no longer going to refer to these RINOs as the Republican Elite or as the Republican Insiders but rather what they are, the Left Wing of the Republican Party.  The left-wing is still lamenting that Chris Christie did not have enough support to run and Jeb Bush not enough guts to go down in flames by throwing his hat into the ring.   Conservatives will never again vote for any in the current batch of “Bush Brothers” as they and their father helped memorialize the Left Wing of the Republican Party.  The pictures on our walls are Goldwater and his student, Reagan.

Newsmax asserts that the convention may become deadlocked and not be able to pick a candidate from the assembled group that include Herman Cain, Mitt Romney, Newt Gingrich, Michelle Bachman, Ron Paul, Rick Santorum and whats-his-name-RINO from Utah.  In this case, they propose that either Christie or Jeb Bush could emerge as the savior for the Republican Party. 

To make this ridiculous hypothesis credible, the author quotes Larry Salado as saying, “Yes, I have heard such talk from a few senior Republicans, including one officeholder,”.  WOW, another page from Politico using anonymous sources.  Conservatives to Newsmax.  ANYTHING YOU WRITE FROM NOW ON THAT DOES NOT INCLUDE NAMED SOURCES ARE BEING DISMISSED BY REAL PEOPLE IN THE REAL WORLD.  Besides, I can’t remember anyone with a worse analysis record than Larry Sabato, other than maybe Plugs Biden, the VP.

Then, to add insult to injury, this article quotes that bastion of conservative thinking, Andrea Mitchel as asking the question, or rather her hope:  “…who would carry the conservative flag if  “Cain implodes.”  Michael Steele did add some sanity to the discussion in the article by basically saying that a “brokered convention” where someone other than the current slate of candidates would be plucked out of the air and set on the throne of the RINO Convention.  At this point, Larry Sabato offered the brilliant comment, “Somehow I don’t think the primary contenders would be happy about that.”  No kidding Larry!

We have some real problems facing this nation and I would think the Newsmax could spend their time more productively by maybe asking the Administration just how they plan on digging us out of the hole they have created.  About why they cook the books and drop the number seeking employment in order to keep the real unemployment number low than it is.  About what on earth is going on in Europe and why aren’t we going to allow Greece, Italy, and Spain to exit the Eurozone, reclaim their own currency and get back on the road to recovery rather than allow France and Germany dictate to the sovereign citizens of those countries and keep them enslaved in the EZ…

Newsmax can keep pushing the Left Wing of the Republican Party but they are being left in the dust.  I hope they have a nice picture of Boehner and McConnell as they will be replaced after the 2012 elections.  One can only hope that if Bachman does not win the presidency that she goes after the Speaker’s gavel and either Rubio or Paul do the same in the Senate as the majority leader.

The Tea Parties may not be in front of the cameras every day but we are burning up the internet.  The press can keep showing the “occupy” freak shows and antics while we quietly pull our forces together to make 2010 look like a warm-up game.  Every Left Wing Republican in the House or Senate will be challenged.  Karl Rove and Dana Perino, get ready, you aren’t going to like what you are going to see…  You may have to move over to MSNBC.  Matthews needs some company and the Good Lord knows no one watches him either.

RD Pierini

Newmax: Deadlocked Convention Could Turn to Christie, Bush


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