Newsmax Continues Shoddy Journalism against Herman Cain–I Canceled my Subscription

Are Republican Insiders, aka RINOs, not the Tea Party and true conservatives,

actually racists or do they just hate conservatives?

In a piece just posted to the Newsmax Website, Newsmax joined the left-wing media in providing even more non-facts” out about the allegations against Herman Cain while using Mrs. Cain’s cancellation on Greta Van Susteren’s show tonight to post this hit piece.  “Cain’s Wife Pulls Out of First Ever TV Interview”, Friday, 04 Nov 2011 12:09 PM, By Martin Gould and Michelle Lopata”. 

The opening sentence start off the piece; “Herman Cain’s wife has pulled out of her first television interview as the sexual harassment claims surrounding her presidential candidate husband continue to grow.”  Continue to Grow?  There is one documented settlement agreement for one of the women but we do not have any idea what is in the agreement, what the allegation was, and why the settlement was reached.  The second women’s claim does not have a documented settlement and is just innuendo while the 3rd is a women who states that she should have filed a harassment claim in the late 90’s, but did not.  So “continues to grow” is just another attempt to overplay these allegations, PERIOD.  If it weren’t for the left-wing media, abetted by RINO news sites like Newsmax, this story would be a non-starter to go along with the non-facts!

No where in the “article” (editorial would be more accurate), did they have a direct quote from Mrs. Cain nor any noted member of Cain’s staff or Cain himself.  Instead, they use the Politico’s in-depth reporting by quoting yet another anonymous source that stated that Mrs. Cain “apparently had a change of heart,” but gave no reason.  When are responsible journalists going to start using sourced stories.  Why on earth would someone hide behind anonymity to make a statement as lame as this one.  Then, why would a so-called conservative site like Newmax stoop so low as to even quote this source?  Is there any difference between Politico and Newsmax any longer…not much!

The piece rambles on then uses innuendo from Cain’s book intimating that he has a roving eye or a sexist view of women by quoting; “I was first attracted by her looks, and then I figured out she was also smart”!  There is no reason to have this quote in this piece other than to suggest that Herman is a shallow, sexist male, or female for that matter, who “superficially” was attracted to Mrs. Cain’s physical appearance rather than getting to know her inner self and intelligence before being attracted to her.  What planet are these people on.  Cain was obviously trying to compliment his wife’s appearance rather than make her into a sexual object.  Would these people feel better if he had written that “In spite of the fact that she was dog ugly and scared little kids just by looking at them, as soon as I found out she was a Phi Beta Kappa I fell in love with her”!!!  Really?

Then, to make sure they did not leave out quotes from every nut job who has a blog or a radio talk show, they quoted Steve Deance who claimed that Can had made awkward and inappropriate comments to two of Deace’s staff when Cain was in his studio.  He even went on to say that Cain; “morally inconsistent,” and “compromised in his private life,” adding “the fact the guy’s wife is never around…that’s almost always a warning flag to me.”  What did this have to do with the fact that Cain’s wife decided not be on Greta’s show?  Maybe Mrs. Cain is like the majority of women in America who actually enjoy a quiet family life and would do anything to keep herself and her kids and grandkids out of the spotlight while still supporting her husband and his career choices.  I know this does not fit with the feminist model who condone rape and sexual harassment as long as it is being done by Democrats or Muslims.  I don;pt blame her for not wanting to be in the limelight.  Who would?

In an attempt to downplay Cain’s continued popularity and high poll numbers, Newsmax added this little gem of a sentence; “Cain has continued to do well in the polls despite the scandal which first broke on Sunday.”  Scandal?  Nothing has been proven regarding the alleged “sexual harassment” claims, nor was Cain EVER convicted in a criminal court of anything, nor found guilty in a civil court of any wrong doing.  Dana Perino and Karl Rove in other articles have made similar statements and have added predictions that Cain will eventually go down do to this “scandal”. 

I wrote in an article on September 28th titled, “Herman Cain Beware, You Really Need to Talk to Justice Clarence Thomas”, ( warning Cain about the Electronic Lynching that was awaiting he and his wife.  I did not realize how prophetic it was at the time nor how many RINOs would pile on and help tie the knot. 

What the RINOs, Newsmax, Dana Perino, Karl Rove, and other Republican insiders don’t get is that WE are looking for a conservative who is a real person.  A real person who may have some flaws or may not sport the latest hair style nor be politically correct.  What we are looking for is a TRUE CONSERVATIVE who is AN INSTINCTIVE TRUE CONSERVATIVE and does not have to have a speech writer tell him or her what to say or what position was popular at a point in time.  In the final analysis, Herman Cain may or not be the candidate of choice for the TRUE CONSERVATIVES.  But, we will not long allow you to tell us who our candidate will be.  You are pushing us and the Republican party to the brink of splintering off a third political party.  We know the stakes but we are fed up with you and your phony brand of neo-progressivism.

RD Pierini

Original Story: Cain’s Wife Pulls Out of First Ever TV Interview


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