Karl Rove’s Inept Advice and Opinions–Why Does He Slam Cain?–Why Does Fox Keep Him Around?

Karl Rove thought the “Bush Lied and People Died” progressive chant would just go away so advised Bush not to fight back.  BAD ADVICE!  Rove completely misjudged the fierceness of the fight and the damage it would do to Bush.  In short, he was totally out of touch with the politics of this country.  He allowed, as the chief political advisor to Bush, for his boss to go from 90% approval to some of the lowest approval ratings in history for a president.  His political insights drove this country to the brink of total divide and allowed the Democrates to completely take over the government in 2008. 

Karl Rove allowed Rumsfeld to be thrown under the bus; Condi to be named as the Secretary of State; and Bush to back off of dealing with Iran directly as Bush had lost credibility after the “Bush Lied” onslaught.  Rove should have worked with Rumsfeld and bolstered his image as at one time Rumsfeld was rightly regarded as one of the most cerebral Secretaries of Defense we have ever had.  Condi was an excellent at the NSA as an analyst and advisor but not someone who was strong enough to take on the bad guys and bad allies around the world.  consequently, she, and Bush by extension, were hammered around the world and Condi is not the type to fight back.  After Rove allowed Bush Bashing to go unchallenged for months, Bush cowered down and pushed the Europeans out in front to deal with the Iranian nuclear crisis.  This was our first foreign policy attempt at LEADING FROM BEHIND! 

Fox continues to push Rove as some sort of political genius when he is merely a biased, Republican insider. Personally I fast forward when he is on Hannity or Greta.  He hides behind his idiotic white board that makes him look more like the kid who got beat up in grade school that he probably deserves.  Rove is constantly making direct statements or innuendos against Herman Cain or his campaign in a not so camouflaged attempt to bolster Romney and to a lesser extent Perry.  Rove was successful in downplaying Bachman’s rise and constantly questioned her staying power playing along with the left-wing media.  He dismissed Santorum and to a lesser degree Gingrich in a similar manner. 

But Cain is taking the majority of the Rove hits and it is obvious that Rove would like anyone to be the nominee except Cain.  I truly do not think this is racially motivated on Rove’s part but his died in the wool insider bias keeps him tied to the Bush Dynasty’s policy of very soft conservatism, if conservative at all.  If Cain comes out within 24 hours of the controversy, Rove bashes him for not saying the right things.  If Cain was a somewhat confused about the alleged charges, Rove blames his campaign staff for not being prepared after receiving the call from Politico ten days prior.  What Rove does not mention is that Politico did not tell the campaign what the charges were, who was making them, and when the events occurred.  So it is pretty tough to prepare for a frontal assault when you don’t know anything about the attack itself.  Now Rove keeps saying that Cain is changing his story.  Of course he is.  As they have time to know who the accusers are, what the alleged charges are, and when they supposedly occurred, Cain updates his recollections as the facts dictate.  Wow, a politician who gets out in front of an allegation and does not hide behind what the definition of “is is” or pushing his cancer ladened wife in front of cameras to shield him from a “love child” accusation. 

Now Rove is predicting a Cain demise in the polls as more ‘FACTS’ come out.  What FACTS?  You have a nutty, publicity chasing attorney running around, who does not even have a copy of the alleged settlement agreement, making unfounded and UNAUTHORIZED accusations.  Then you have a third women who said she thought about filing harassment charges back in the late 90’s against Cain but didn’t.  Wow, now that is an open and closed case.  Then Rove and other RINOs are calling for Cain to have the Restaurant association violate the terms of the agreement and allow the agreement to become public knowledge.  Legally they do not have a right to do it and it would set a dangerous precedent for the organization going forward vis-a-vis any other confidentiality agreements they may have regardless of the reason for the agreement.

This primary season and the 2012 election is shaping up to be a Conservative vs Republican Insider election that could and probably will rip the Republican party apart.   Rove and his ilk can’t stand for the status quo, even Obama’s status quo, to be disturbed by those pesky conservatives, especially if they are part of the Tea Party.  If the Republican Party rips apart, Obama will certainly win re-election.  Rove and his bank of RINOs will blame the Tea Party for their rigidity.  Rove, it is not rigidity, it is the principle.  Something you do not have.

RD Pierini


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