How Stupid Are We? Sharia Law Spreading in N Africa and Middle East!

You would have to be a complete idiot to be surprised that Egypt, Tunisia and Libya are morphing into radical Islamic States and adopting Sharia Law.  “Gee, Ya Think!”  OR, Obama and his administration is trying to convert the remaining secular North African and Middle Eastern to Islamic States as a matter of policy!  “Gee, Ya Think!” 

The teachings of Islam based on the Quran do not differentiate between the government and the religion.  The Islamic Religion and their leaders are superior to government positions, period.  There is no such thing as democracy, only candidates that are “blessed” by the Islamic Religious leaders will be permitted to be on a ballot.  Any serious political dissent is considered as blasphemy and punishable by death.  Period…  At least Mubarak in Egypt just jailed his competitors!  It is hilarious now to hear the brilliant state controlled US media to stand in front of the camera and act incredulous at the rise of Sharia.  They don’t even get the fact that Sharia Law is and integral part of Islam and that Islam is the “Constitution” of Islamic Nations. 

The other thing the Left Wing Media is not telling its mind numbed views or readers is that Islam and the enforcement of its Sharia Law is contrary to basic human decency and accepted State human rights practices.  It will:

  • Outlaw Gay and Lesbian relationships and make the partners subject to capital punishment.
  • Polygamy is permitted and encouraged.
  • Women have no standing other than through their husbands.  Women cannot own property.
  • Women who are raped must have 4 male witnesses to testify on her behalf.  Then she is subject to “Honor Killing” by her family for defaming the family…  Gloria Steinem or Michelle Obama, care to weigh in on this one?
  • There is no religious freedom and non-Islamic Religions are not tolerated.  This is even true in Iraq where we sacrificed 3,500 of our young men and women to established a State that has purged all Christian churches and clergy.

There are countless other examples of counter-culture practices that are ushered in with Islamic States implementing Sharia Law. 

Now we are being subjected to those brilliant “news” analysts who are saying that Al Qaeda may have some influence in the new Libyan government.  “Gee, Ya Think!”  The Muslim Brotherhood and Al Qaeda and other radical Islamic Organizations are one and the same fundamentally.  Do you really think that Egypt and Tunisia won’t be havens for Al Qaeda as well?  Why would an Islamic Regime throw out a group who supports Islamic Fundamentalism?  They have no philosophical differences!

Obama and his left-wing administration must be ecstatic at how rapidly they were able to radicalize the three main countries in North Africa.  They are also enabling Iran nuclear development and the rabid chants against Israel to force this nation to give into the Palestinians and insure their own destruction.  Keep an eye on Morocco and Algeria.  They are the only two remaining North African nations that will need to “convert” to Islamic States.  It is just a matter of time.  Even though Syria has been a terrorism partner with Iran, the Administration would like to see its President and his government be replaced with a true Islamic State. 

The bottom line in Libya is that we spent a Billion Dollars to install an Islamic Fundamentalist Government who is supported by Al Qaeda.  You don’t think that was intentional?

RD Pierini 


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