TSA Finds Sex Toy-Misses A Revolver? Moral of the Story… >Now Fired<

TSA Bows to Public Outcry–Fires Agent

The TSA finally caved to public pressure and fired the employee who invaded the privacy of a female passenger by handwriting a lewd note on an Official TSA Inspection notice that was placed in the passenger’s luggage.

The TSA now needs to revisit their training and screening procedures and hire competent people who are focused on security and not flippant about our very lives!


TSA “Removes” Incompetent Employee From Screening!  Not Fired!

Following a TSA “investigation” into the personal intrusion into the privacy of an airline passenger last week, that included the TSA Employee writing an “off-color” handwritten note on the official TSA inspection notice, the TSA has merely taken the employee off of the inspection line.  If this was a private sector contractor there would have been an outcry from the Administration and Congress to fire this employee.  But since this is a government employee, the agency merely reassigned the employee to another area where his or her incompetence can be spread to another sector within the TSA.  Brilliant!  Maybe he or she can be moved to the Postal Service!

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 Vibrators for Guns!

Hat tip:  Paul Joseph Watson, Infowars.com, on Monday, October 24, 2011 who reported that a female air traveler found a personal note in her baggage that had been handwritten on the back of her official TSA inspection notice.  The note read:  “GET YOUR FREAK ON GIRL”.  Really?  This is an agency tagged to insure that 9-11 or worse does not occur again and they are rummaging through luggage looking for “personal items” that they feel free to comment on?  Watson went on to point out that another TSA agent in Los Angeles MISSED a 38 cal revolver that was in a piece of luggage that was discovered by the baggage loader placing items into the aircraft.  These same TSA agents are free to grope and feel opposite sex or same-sex orientation passengers without any apparent restrictions.  There are no limits to the age of the passengers being “molested” during these personal searches and pat downs.  Anyone verify whether the TSA has hired any pedifiles?  How about others accused or convicted of other sex crimes?  Probably not. 

Finally Watson points out that there have been some 67,000 loss claims filed against the TSA since 2003.  IF even half of these claims are valid, why!  Well, the TSA official response as to shy they ARE NOT RESPONSIBLE for losses was:

“When an item goes missing from a checked bag, it is often impossible to determine where the loss occurred given that checked bags pass through so many hands. Remember, TSA has possession of the bag only long enough to screen it for explosives. Bags are delivered to TSA by the air carriers or their contractors and we return all bags to the airlines after screening. TSA never even touches the bag at the connecting or at the destination airport.”

“We estimate that for every TSA employee that touches a bag, six to ten airline or airport employees and contractors touch the same bag out of the view of passengers.”

I thought the point of the TSA was to insure baggage security?  If that is their responsibility, then why are “six to ten airline or airport employees and contractors” allowed to interact with the baggage unsupervised?  Would Israeli airline security be designed with these glaring holes?  Probably not…

I hope you are outraged with this one story of government abuse and over-reach and believe it to be a systemic indictment against the entire TSA and DHS!  The DHS, turns a blind eye at our borders while other departments in the government, like the ATF, are arming our enemies at our own borders with such brilliant programs like “Fast and Furious” which was hatched by the Attorney General’s staff.

The moral of this “Vibrators for Guns” program is that government is incapable of running any operation without ineptitude, corruption, mismanagement, cost overruns, (pick your own derogatory adjective) bleeding into the operation.  Why?  Government = Special Interests. 

The largest special interest in the government itself and its insatiable appetite for expanding its own powers and employee head count.  The second largest special interest is public sector unions.  Rest assured, Obama will make sure that the TSA is allowed to unionize.  He needs the dues and the votes. 

Next in line at the pig trough is the private sector and ex-government officials who become all-powerful lobbyist.  Michael Chertoff, the first Director of Homeland Security pitched the current full body scan technology then was a part of the company who sold part of the systems to the TSA.  Then there is Tom Blank, a former Deputy Administrator of the Transportation Security Administration, who represented another scanning company who also sold the new technology scanners to the DHS.

Enough is Enough.  You can’t fix this government, we have to start over.  Any candidate that thinks they can tweak this behemoth and fix it is either naive or has no intention of do so. 

RD Pierini

Hat Tip:

Update: http://thehill.com/blogs/transportation-report/tsa/189991-tsa-removes-screener-for-telling-passenger-to-get-your-freak-on



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