Obama Supports Negotiating with Terrorists, Then Objects to His Own Support?

Recent Israeli’s negotiations with the Palestinians led to the release of 1 Israeli soldier,

and 1,027 Palestinians that included 450 CONVICTED Hamas Terrorists. 

The US policy over the recent decades has been to NOT NEGOTIATE WITH TERRORISTS.  That is until Obama showed up.  On Tuesday morning, Obama PRAISED the negotiations with terrorists that led to the release of the sole Israeli Soldier, Shalit, and the 1,027 alleged terrorists.  The negotiations with the Palestinian Terrorist group Hamas was supported verbally by Hillary Clinton, French President Sarkozy, and Britain’s foreign secretary William Hague.  So, the Western world literally belied their stated policy of not negotiating with terrorists in the Shalit release. 

Then, in just a few hours, later on Tuesday, Obama came out and criticized the negotiations and the prisoner releases!  

  • Why?  Did he suddenly realize that by condoning the practice of negotiating with terrorists that he put every American life on the line and set up every American Citizen as a target for kidnapping with the subsequent goal to use our citizens as negotiating pawns in the war on terror. 
  • NOPE!  Obama, the political hack that he is, did not want to offend the American Jewish voting block when he learned that some of the Hamas Terrorists had killed AMERICAN CITIZENS living in Israel.  Wow, Obama did not know of these victims before the deal was cut.  He darned well should have.  He is the leader of the “free” world and Israel is our best ally in the Middle East.  At best, he and his inept administration should not have commented on the releases at all so we could have at least hid Obama’s propensity to negotiate with Terrorists.

At best, Obama is incompetent and was ignorant of all of the details of the negotiations and the terrorist that were involved in the exchange, including the fact that some had killed American Citizens.  Maybe if he would actually spend a couple of days actually working in the White House he would be able to be better informed before making decisions that can impact the very lives of US Citizens.

At the worst, Obama really believes that negotiating with Terrorists is a good policy for the US to pursue and is thus reversing our decades old policy of not negotiating with terrorists.

Is this the only example that Obama may be too distracted with his endless campaigning to actually lead this nation and the world?  No.  Last Friday his Secretary of Health and Human Services, Kathryn Sebelious announced that part of Obamacare, long term care, (CLASS) would not be implemented as it was financially not sustainable.  Then, Obama reversed this position this week stating that CLASS was back on the table and he would try to make it more cost effective.  Once again, politically he stumbled and had to reverse himself so he would not lose the support of the backers of CLASS. 

We need a competent, full time President, not a Campaigner in Chief.  The Republican Candidates for President need to focus on Obama and set their sights on defeating him in 2012 and stop bickering about incidental issues.  This nation is at the edge of the abyss and if Obama gets his way, he will shove us over the edge into a sea of socialism and national defense mediocracy.  The choice of whether he is incompetent or merely wants to take this country down is not one we should have to abide.  The 2012 election is not a choice between Republicans or Democrats, it is a choice between Freedom or Tyranny.

RD Pierini

Hat Tip:

Arutz Sheva, Gavriel Queenann:  http://www.israelnationalnews.com/News/News.aspx/148903


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