My 2013 Dream Team

After thinking about the current slate of Republican Candidates, and assuming that there is not anything about the candidates that we do not know, here would be my current “Dream Team” starting on January, 20, 2013:

  • President:  Herman Cain
  • Vice President:  Sarah Palin  (could be Jim Demint then Sarah could take Dept of Interior)
  • Speaker of the House of Representatives:  Michelle Bachman
  • Senator Majority Leader:  Marco Rubio
  • Secretary of State:  John Bolton
  • Attorney General:  Mark Levin, (Ex Chief of Staff to AG under Reagan)
  • Secretary of Defense:  General Petraeus
  • Secretary of the Treasury:  Art Laffer, (Economic Advisor to Reagan)
  • Secretary of Agriculture: I would appoint myself but I am not sure I would take it!
  • Secretary of the Interior:  Sean Parnell, (Governor of Alaska)
  • Secretary of Health and Human Services:  Bill Frist (Former Senate Majority Leader, Physician)
  • Secretary of Education:  (Eliminate this Department)
  • Secretary of Energy:  (Eliminate this Department and fold and critical functions under Department of the Interior)

This would be a good start in turning this country around to its once great position in the world…

RD Pierini


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