Chris Christie Crowns Romney for Republican Elite–The Other Candidates Need our Help


Time For Tea Pary Action

Chris Christy today endorsed/crowned Mitt Romney as his choice as the Republican nominee and in fact stated that Romney has the best chance of any Republican candidate to defeat Obama.  He also asserted that any attempt to compare RomneyCare with ObamaCare was “intellectually dishonest”!  This comes from the NJ governor who would not support the other Republican Governors in their Supreme Court fight against ObamaCare even though it would not have cost his State a single penny to do so. 

RomneyCare = ObamaCare: Now we learn that Romney’s aides, who helped craft RomneyCare, were invited into the WH dozens of times in 2009 to share how they formed RomneyCare .  Jon Gruber, an MIT economist who advised Romney in the creation of RomneyCare, said of the meetings, “The White House wanted to lean a lot on what we’d done in Massachusetts,”.  “They really wanted to know how we can take that same approach we used in Massachusetts and turn that into a national model.” 

Romney, trying to play down the meetings said: “Why didn’t you ask if this was an experiment, what worked and what didn’t. … I would have told him, ‘What you’re doing, Mr. President, is going to bankrupt us.”  So, it is OK to bankrupt a state, Massachusetts, but not the rest of the US!  Wow, that is another gem of brilliant logic from Romney.

Global Warming Chums:  Another brilliant part of Romney’s logic was his support for Global Warming, also supported by Christie.  Romney said that he believed that Global Warming exists, but he could not prove it, and if it exists, then it is probably caused by man.  Wow!  So if something that cannot be proved is “true”, then it must be the fault of man?  This is not the kind of logic we need in the WH to lead this country out of a Depression, rebuild our military, and restore this nation to it position of greatness.

Republican Elite IS Picking Your Candidate:  The Republican Elite will pour tons of money into Romney’s campaign to ensure that a Conservative does not win the nomination.  They will attempt to crush conservative candidates with money and buy the nomination.  Isn’t this what we are fighting against?  Isn’t this the same as Obama and the Democrats. 

Conservative Uprising:  All I know is if every conservative sends $5 to their favorite Conservative candidate, Cain, Bachmann, Santorum or Gingrich (less so), we could give these candidates a real chance.  When looking at the RCP composit poll, Romney is polling at 21.7 verus 55 for the rest of the field.  Cain is polling at 16.3 followed by Perry at 14.7.  This mean that more than half of the Republican Voters prefer someone other than Romney by a ratio of more than 2 to 1. 

If you use the 60,000,000 voters who voted for McCain in the 2008 election, and multiply that number by $5, you would help these non Romney candidates raise $300,000,000 to fight Romney and the Republican Elite.  That would be more than enough to carry one of the real conservative candidates to the finish line and give Romney and Co. a run for their money.

Don’t just throw in the towel and accept another McCain as our candidate.  Cough up $5, get involved, and help these campaigns!  That is the only way to defeat those in our own party who are more like Obama than they are Ronald Reagan.

RD Pierini

 Christie Endorsement:

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RomneyCare Model for ObamaCare:

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