Stick a Fork in US, We are Done! Politicians’ Priorities for US!

Isn’t it amazing that politicians live on one plane and we all live on another?  Ever wonder how on earth we can elect so many idiots?  How on earth can there be so many idiots in government and they always wind up on our ballots?  I guess if you are a lobbyist and you want to manipulate someone, an idiot is probably your best choice for office.  But what does that say about the rest of us who voted for these idiots???

But, here are a few examples of what could turn into a new Reality Show given the immense amount of material that there is to be used. 

But, for those of us on the “Reality Plane”, we fret:

  • About, Continued high unemployment
  • About the Lack of job creation due to government policy
  • About an average of 3,000 homes per DAY being foreclosed on
  • About rising fees from banks due to government over regulation
  • About a dying healthcare system that the government is preparing a funeral for
  • Escalating Gas Prices
  • Escalating Food Prices
  • Seniors paying more for Medicare and not given a COLA increase for 3 years (OBAMA)
  • Add to the list as you wish…

What your elected officials are and have been doing for the past few days:

  • California Governor Brown outlawed 14-18 year olds from using tanning beds.  BUT, in California your 14-18 year old can get treatment for an STD without your permission or knowledge!
  • UK Officials have banned kids from blowing up balloons or blowing party whistles!
  • US Department of Energy has their proverbial “T…T” in the wringer over Solyndra but forces another $4-5 Billion out the door before the end of the current fiscal year.
  • In California, it will soon be illegal for motels and hotels to use fitted sheets on their beds.  Really?
  • In California, Governor Moombeam just signed in the Dream Act allowing illegals to get free money to attend college.  This is at a time when California spends over $25 Billion a year extra to support illegals and has a $26 Billion dollar budget shortfall.  Anyone see a coincidence?
  • Mayor Bloomberg said the stinky “Occupy Wall Street” kids protesting in NYC are hurting tourism.  Then he said they can stay as long as they want?  Get ready for a fee or tax increase New Yorkers!
  • Mayor Whats-his-name in Los Angeles is overseeing a bankrupt city that will probably file for bankruptcy in 2012 but handed out FREE “ponchos” to the stinky “Occupy Los Angeles” protesters.
  • Our top Law Enforcement Official in the US, the Attorney General, handed out over 2,000 weapons to Mexican Drug Cartels, WITHOUT TRACKING DEVICES INSTALLED, and we are supposed to respect the law!
  • There is a war zone along the Mexican Border but the only war that is being waged by the Federal Government is the one against States trying to protect their borders.
  • Obama is Screeching, PASS THIS BILL, but his Senate Democrat Leader, same party, won’t vote on it!
  • Obama is Screeching, PASS THIS BILL, but not one Democrat has sponsored his bill in the House of Representatives, not one!  Maybe he needs a copy of the Congressional Rules so he can learn how the legislative process works.  he we not in the Senate long enough to learn!
  • Greece and Europe has been in a crisis for months if not years, when does the real crisis come for them?  Can’t be anytime soon, Obama postponed the latest European Financial Crisis Summit…again…  Maybe Mouchelle has another vacation planned for the couple.

What you are not hearing discussed by the Idiots:

  • Gas Prices continue to hover around $4.00.  Anyone care?
  • Food Prices continue to rise.  Anyone care?
  • Food and Gas Prices are tied to using our feed grains to create gasoline and not drilling for oil that can be used to make gasoline.  Just a thought.  Quit burning our food supply and start drilling for oil, idiots!
  • John Maynard Keynes is dead and buried and his economic policies should follow suit.  They failed for LBJ, for Carter and now Obama.  Ever hear of the definition of insanity, “doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results”.  The left believes that if you spend “X”, and “X” did not help, then you spend “X+1”, Brilliant.  How about trying capitalism rather than statism.
  • Give farmers back their water and let them grow crops and feed us?
  • Drill for oil and gas and develop our coal fields so we can actually put people back to work?
  • Cut taxes on business and let them get back to work and hire employees.
  • Stop protecting every species on this planet except humans and get people back to work.
  • Create a regulation to eliminate regulators?
  • Eliminate the income tax code altogether and go for a Cain like 9-9-9 plan!
  • Eliminate the Department of Education who has done nothing but drive down our educational scores since it was created.
  • Eliminate the Department of Energy who has done nothing but stand in the way of true energy development since its creation.
  • Replace the Environmental Protection Agency with the Human Being Protection Agency.
  • Eliminate the National Labor Relations Board who has eliminated thousands of jobs via is pro union bias.
  • How about destroying the national printing press so Geithner and Bernanke can’t print more money.

I am sure you could add to all three lists. You should do so.  It won’t help much but may take you mind off of the IDIOTS we elected…

RD Pierini

Professionalism is Appreciated

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