Nancy Pelosi Calls Scott Brown “Clueless”, That is a Hoot Coming from the Swamp Queen

Practically everyone knows that Scott Brown did a little skin showing in a publication to help defray the bill for his education.  Scott Brown is now competing with a died in the wool Boston liberal Elizabeth Warren for his Senate seat.  (liberals continue to call Brown’s seat Kennedy’s seat).   During a Democrat primary debate on Tuesday, the moderator asked Warren how she had paid for her eduction.  Elizabeth Warren responded by saying she kept her clothes on.  This was an obvious reference to Scott Brown’s “tush” pictorial.  Brown responded when asked to comment on Warren’s muse, “Thank God” (she kept her clothes on). 

Then, our dear “Aunt Nancy the Swamp Queen”, that is how we Californians in Northern California refer to the ex Speaker, went all huffy and indignant and said of Brown’s comments:  “…really spoke volumes about, really, disrespect for women he may not even realize”.  Not sure what “not even realize” refers to but then this is Pelosi speaking.  Maybe Nancy should see how she can help out women in Topeka, Kansas where the city will no longer prosecute domestic abuse cases endangering the lives of women in that city.  But Noooooo, Nancy has to play the politics of women’s dignity rather than actually try to make a real difference in the protection of women.

Well ladies, if you can’t take the heat, don’t light the oven!  Warren started the exchange, probably in good humor, and Scott responded, probably in good humor. 

Nancy, you presided as Speaker for 4 years and helped usher in the Depression of 2008 and helped directly to add over $4 Trillion dollars to our debt.  Nancy, you were the first woman to hold the office of Speaker of the House of Representatives and as such you gave us plenty of reason to make sure you ar the last woman Speaker of the House of Representatives.  But, we are better people than you are and won’t hold your tenure against any future qualified women who seeks this grand position.  But, do women a favor, stay home and stay off camera, and please do as Warren did while she was in college.

RD Pierini

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