Egypt’s Muslim Brotherhood Needs New Campaign Slogan-How ‘Bout, “Thank You Obama”

Roughly translated, شكرا أوباما

MB Origins:  The Muslim Brotherhood (MB), originally started in Egypt, is the single largest danger in the spreading of radical Islam than any other force on earth.  They are organized, they are global, they have infiltrated all of the major societies including the United States, they are committed and they have a great deal of patience.

Enter Obama:  Until Obama took office, the MB was banned by President Mubarak and could not form a political party nor exist publicly in Egypt.  Then Obama made his big Cairo Speech in 2009 that basically condemned our long-term ally, Mubarak, and set the state for the MB Abetted uprising this year that ousted Mubarak.  With Mubarak gone, the MB is was free to form its own political party and odds are they will control the majority of seats in the Egyptian parliament and seize power.

Bumper Sticker Help:  Their original campaign slogan was, “Islam is the solution.”  But, the military ruling council has dictated that political slogans in the upcoming elections must not use religious slogans.  Heaven forbid, sorry for the religious reference, the mainstream media won’t have to report that religious fanatics stole the Egyptian election!  AS IF!  The ruling council seeks to mask the true victors in this election and allow the MB to seize control over the country and share power with the military.  This will be the official to the 1979 Egypt–Israel Peace Treaty.  President Sadat died as a result of this treaty now his death will be in vain.  Thank you President Obama.

MB Goal: The MB’s sole purpose is to populate the earth with Islamic Republics that are Islamic Controlled Governments.  They have waited for over 40 years in Egypt to convert this once great nation to an Islamic Republic which is soon to become a milestone in the MB’s list of recent conquests.  They are firmly entrenched in the US via organizations such as the Muslim Students Association (MSA), Muslim Doctors Syndicate, Muslim Social Workers Syndicate, Muslim Scientist and Engineers Syndicate, Islamic Medical Association, Association of Muslim Scientists and Engineers, Association of Muslim Social Scientists, North American Islamic Trust, Muslim Arab Youth Association, Muslim Youth of North America, Cultural Society, Inc., Islamic Association for Palestine (IAP), SAAR Foundation and a Muslim Political Action Committee, the ISNA-PAC (Islamic Students of North America).   The latter organization was spawned by a decision by the MB to engage in the American political system to advance their cause, replace a Judeo-Christian nation into an Islamic Republic,  from within.  A leader of the ISNA in the 1980’s said,

“Ultimately we can never be full citizens of this country, because there is no way we can be fully committed to the institutions and ideologies of this country…. We can be citizens in the sense that we try to influence American policy.”

 So my friends, what is going on in Egypt directly impacts what is going on in the US.  If the MB could create a world-wide network of organizations dedicated to the destruction of existing societies by replacing them with Islamic Republics at a time when they could not even exist officially in their host country, Egypt, how much more will the be able to do once they take over the most populous Muslim country on earth?

DAWA as a Front:  The MB will continue to preach that they will only use tactics they describe as Da‘wah or Dawah that has now morphed into Dawa.  Go to this website ( to see what kind of programs the MB is creating for US Public Schools.  Sounds peaceful enough until you realize that the MB is committed to Sharia Law and the elimination of infidels (You and I).

The Clueless Supporters of the Left in the US:  I sort of chuckle when I hear the Left in this country defend the right of the MB to exist along side of legitimate peaceful factions as if the MB is just another Democrat or Republican Party.  This is especially true of the Gay constituency of the left who will be systematically eliminated via Sharia and Islam.  Also true of Catholics, Mormons, Baptists and all other Christians, Jews, Buddhists and any other individual who eschews the teachings of the Koran.  And the Left wing Women’s groups are also in for a very big surprise and wardrobe change!  Get in the back ladies, you have to follow behind you “man” and cannot go out in public uncovered and unescorted.  And if you get caught fooling around, well then they will invoke “Honor Killings” in your honor and whack you!  Illegal Aliens from Mexico who are predominantly Catholic, better invest in a prayer rug as Sunday Mass will go away, just ask the Coptic Christians in Egypt today.  Islamic Republics are not the epitome of freedom, quite the opposite.

Wake Up World…

RD Pierini

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One thought on “Egypt’s Muslim Brotherhood Needs New Campaign Slogan-How ‘Bout, “Thank You Obama””

  1. WOW!!! The energy you give out with these posts are astounding. This article is telling a lot and I am glad I can read something of this nature online without having to wonder if I am the only (or few people) who see this happening in our world. It is happening very slowly but surely and we all need to wake up as you say. Great article. Keep them coming.

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