Obama Promotes Anarchy In the US–What is His End Game?

     While the Obama Regime is destroying the US, piece by piece; regulation by regulation; executive order by executive order; nationalizing segment after segment; forcing half of the US citizens onto the government dole; driving true unemployment to almost 25%; accelerating home foreclosures beyond the Big Depression levels; and bankrupting the treasury with out of control spending, he is also promoting anarchy and lawlessness by orchestrating the phony protests you are seeing in NY and other major US cities.  What will happen when these mobs and their activities turn into property destruction and possibly hand to hand combat?  Why would a President of the United States allow, much less promote this level of lawlessness?  This is the $64,000 question. 

     To assume that this promotion of anarchy is about Obama winning the next election in 2012 is becoming a naive position.  He will raise at least $1 Billion to support his campaign and he has a media that is totally committed to his re-election.  Republican insiders continue to promote the Obama-Lite candidate Mitt Romney who can easily be defeated by Obama as his candidacy will not excite conservatives and independents will not have a clear choice between two evils.  This will be a McCain Redux without the excitement of Sarah Palin…

     It now seems that Obama is abetting open anarchy, lawlessness, and an extra Constitutional takeover of this nation with the eventual suspension of civil authority.  The “protests” are ostensibly sponsored by Occupy Wall Street (OWS) but the protests are funded, backed and staffed by MoveOn.Org, AFL-CIO, SEIU, and a host of public sector unions.  The common theme between Obama’s current road show, that is ostensibly to promote his phony Jobs Bill, and the anarchists is the placing blame for all of our nation’s ills on the “Wealthy” and they are using Wall Street and the Banking industry as the poster children of the “Wealthy”.   The repeated theme is 1% versus 99% meaning that the wealthy 1% control 99% of money.  If these staged protests turn ugly and begin to destroy public and private property and begin to injure innocent citizens, would Obama hesitate to declare martial law and suspend a whole host of civil rights?

     The House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi said of the protesters today, “God Bless Them”.  The protest is supposedly against Wall Street and the Bankers who wholeheartedly supported Obama, Pelosi and Reid in the last several election cycles…  Wall Street and the Bankers promoted the phony sub prime mortgage fiasco that was created by Carter and Clinton.  Bush failed to reign in the sub prime madness and Obama has doubled down on sub prime loans now forcing Wall Street and the Banks to once again to loan money to unqualified mortgage applicants and build branch offices in inner city locations.  But now Obama decries the evil of Wall Street and the Bankers?  This is not inconsistent, he is setting up everyone and everything else as the scapegoat to take the focus off of him while he destroys a once civil, lawful society.

     If anarchy and civil unrest is the end game envisioned by Obama, we are living in a truly scary, revolutionary time.  The question will be whether the true, lawful majority draw a line in the sand and stop this madness.  I am not sure that lawful citizen action can wait for the 2012 elections as Obama and his lackies are escalating the battle to new levels with these protests.  What will be left by November, 2012?  Will martial law be used to suspend elections?  Will martial law be used to suspend legislative actions by Congress?  Sound far-fetched?  What or who would or could stop Obama and the government?  Edmund Burke an Irish political philosopher said during the 1700’s, “All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing.”  Will doing nothing decide our ultimate fate as a nation?

 RD Pierini 

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