Obama-He is Transforming America Even More Towards Progressive Socialism

     Following Obama’s R&R on Martha’s Vineyard, he refueled (biofuel of course) his Progressive Socialism wagon and is moving us even further towards the Left, and downward as a nation. 

     He continues to preach against the evils that are causing our certain demise, private sector exceptionalism, entrepreneurship, energy independence, innovation by the individuals and companies, and military accomplishments for freedom, and is trying to convince us that more phony spending on bridges that are not in need of repair, sparing the jobs of incompetent teachers so unions can collect dues and return them to his campaign, and a continual rise in our national debt is the only way out of our debt crisis!  Oh, but, we need to raise taxes on the private sector and individuals by $1.5 trillion or more to make up for his crony politics.  Here is a brief list of some of the more egregious actions taken lately by Obama.

  1. Obama’s American Jobs Act: (Includes his two other “revenue” addresses that he related to his “Jobs” act.) Let start out by saying that since Obama gave his pregame address to a joint session of Congress after Labor Day, no Democrat has introduced the President’s 155 page bill in Congress.  So, without a bill in Congress, how will the President’s “if you love me pass it now” jobs bill become law even if every Senator and Congressman would vote for it?  It can’t.  It does not exist unless Obama once again puts on his crown and Decrees the American Jobs Act as passed!  I realize that Obama has limited experience with the way the US Government is supposed to run under the guidance of the US constitution but every American should turn their back on th President when he talks about “Washington Being Broken”.  He is what is broken.  If his bill was a bill, what would this wonder of all wonders do for us?
    1. Higher Nuclear Energy Taxes:  Increases Taxes on nuclear energy production which will raise the cost of nuclear created electricity be $200,000,000 per year, ie your electric bills will pay for this increase.  20% of the nation’s energy comes from nuclear power.  You are being stuck again by paying for your Government’s “savings”.
    2. More Cuts to Medicare:  In addition to the $500 Billion in Medicare/Medicaid cuts in Obamacare, Obama is proposing another $580 Billion in cuts to payments for doctors.  Brilliant!  Just when doctors are refusing to see Medicaid patients due to poor reimbursement, we are giving them more incentive to opt out of treating Medicare patients.
    3. Eliminate Bush Tax Cuts:  Ostensibly he will be eliminating the Bush Tax cuts only on the rich, those making over $200,000 per year which includes the majority of small business if there are any left.  The balance of the Bush tax cuts are set to expire at the end of 2012, right after the 2012 elections! 
    4. Jobs?:  The President’s job portion of this bill is limited to public sector union employees, teachers, fire and police, plus construction workers.  If you are outside of these professions, you are SOL!  (and no, this is the first name of a Jewish person)  More shovel ready jobs are targeted, oops, forgot, there aren’t any.  Obama showed up at the Brent Spence Bridge that connects Kentucky and Ohio touting that this was an example of a bridge ready to collapse that would be helped by his bill.  The only problem is that there is nothing wrong with the bridge; the bridge is too small to handle the traffic; and a second parallel bridge has already been designed and approved locally and its construction will start in 2015 and be completed in 2021.  Not exactly something his bill will help nor is even this already approved bridge construction shovel ready!  IF  you really want to know how liberals approach bridges being made in American, the Bay Bridge expansion that will add a parallel bridge, like the one in Kentucky and Ohio, is actually MADE IN CHINA!!!! It was approved by two Big California Libs, Oakland Mayor Jerry Brown (now Governor) and Willie Brown, the Mayor of San Francisco, and the Federal Government… As reported in Human Events by Roger Hedgecock on 9/23/2011, “According to Fox News, thousands of Chinese workers spent more than a million man hours over five years in Shanghai fabricating the steel to construct the roadbeds, cable strands, and the landmark tower for the east span’s single-anchor suspension bridge.”  So much for Made in America…
    5. Side Note:  Since Obama nor any other democrat bothered to introduce their American Jobs Act bill in Congress, Texas Representative Louie Gohmert decided to lend them a hand and introduced the American Jobs Act of 2011 for them.  His bill is only 2 pages and eliminates corporate taxes on American companies who make things in America!  This might actually start the economy to recover!
  2. Eliminate Low Cost Asthma Inhalers to Save the Planet:  The FDA not to be outdone by the EPA is outlawing over the counter, i.e., inexpensive, asthma inhalers used by millions of Americans to help them combat the onslaught of asthma, to SAVE THE OZONE LAYER.  Really?  How much bad stuff (chlorofluorocarbons, what used to be in our air conditioning systems until the EPA outlawed the usage) could these inhalers possibly give off that it would cause the Ozone layer to be depleted and the Arctic ice cap to melt and flood all of our cities?  What a crock this one is.  The OTC inhalers cost around $20 whereas the replacement prescription only inhalers cost $30-$60 and require a doctor’s visit!  This is saving on healthcare cost?  A couple of months ago the healthcare Gestapo declared that all birth control stuff would be free under Obamacare saving the generic birth control pill buyer $4 per month if purchased at Wal-Mart or Target.  The lack of a OTC inhaler will force those suffering from this debilitating illness, including me, to switch to a corticosteroids or cortisone based drugs, or worse yet, Albuterol, which if you read the side effects you would be deadly afraid to use it.  There are over 300 million people globally suffering from this ailment with 250,000 annual global deaths attributed to this dreaded disease.  You literally choke to death if you are not treated in time.  Great job Obama, save a piece of the Ozone and kill those who can least afford to have their medication cost doubled or tripled due to your stupidity.
  3. King Obama Grants Waivers for One Child Left Behind (OCLB):  I am no fan of the US Department of Education and really feel that it should be abolished as it has done nothing but throw our educational system into decline since Carter signed it.  That said, it is a duly authorized program passed by the Congress.  Congress did not put any executive waiver capabilities into the bill so the bill stands unless repealed or modified by Congress.  Oh, but Obama is all powerful and above the laws of this country and the US Constitution itself.  So far he is ignoring directed court orders requiring him to eliminate exploration moratorium; not enforcing the Defense of Marriage Act that is the law of the land; ignoring countless subpoenas and requests for information and testimony from Congress that he is required to comply with; and is using executive orders to legislate from the WH.  The sad thing about education and Obama is that he ignored the one program that was helping Black children in Washington DC, the voucher program.  Instead, he throws Black children into a lifetime of poverty and worse yet, crime, just to appease his largest supporters, the public sector unions, specifically the teachers unions.  What a hypocrite.  Now, he is not even interested to know which schools are underperforming.  This way he can demagogue the issue without having to be burdened with facts.
  4. No Federal Budget:  We once again are being “treated” to the drama of another continuing resolution (CR) or risk another government shutdown.  My vote it to shut the damn thing down once and for all.  This is all due to the fact that Obama has not been operating with a budget for over 900 days and he and the democrats refuse to work on adopting a real budget.  After all, we are only the largest single nation economy in the world!  We heard all of the democrats scream when we tried to pass a balanced budget amendment.  Maybe we should start by requiring a BUDGET!  This is fiscally criminal and way beneath the stature of the US.  No wonder Obama has reduced the US to the laughing-stock of the world.  Geithner goes to Europe to lecture them on fiscal restraint and his boss does not even have a budget.  No wonder the Eurozone members ignore us any more.
  5. International-The Middle East Mess:  Well Obama helped usher in the Muslim Brotherhood into power in Egypt; throw out Kadafi in Libya and install MB and Al Qaeda in his place; and has chastised Israel publicly to the point that the Palestinians went directly to the UN demanding statehood without negotiating with Israel.  The enemies of Israel, which includes the majority of radical or now radicalized Islamic regimes in the Middle East and North Africa, think they have our tacit permission to do what they want with Israel.  If it were not for the last New York-9 election where Obama lost the Jewish vote and the Republicans took over the “Weiner Seat”, I doubt we would even veto the statehood request in the Security Council.  Too bad for the Palestinians, they should have had the vote before the NY-9 election. 
  6. Loss of Privacy:  Wait for another couple of days and your health records will become the property of the US Government. If you want to check this out, the Washington Examiner has this link:  “(See Proposed Rule:  Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act; Standards Related to Reinsurance, Risk Corridors and Risk Adjustment, Volume 76, page 41930. Proposed rule docket ID is HHS-OS-2011-0022 http://www.gpo.gov/fdsys/pkg/FR-2011-07-15/pdf/2011-17609.pdf)”  A federal bureaucrat will soon have access to your confidential medical records.  Do you really think they are safe?  Remember the HHS contractor who lost his laptop that had 50,000 confidential medical records of individuals on Medicare?  Or, when a government employee’s laptop containing information about 26.5 million veterans and their spouses was stolen from the employee’s home.  You may find your medical records on Facebook some day.  Hope you don’t have any embarrassing social diseases in your records that your spouse or employer is unaware of!

     Those are the “highlights” of the Obama Regime in the last couple of weeks.  We could go on about the NLRB killing Boeing jobs; the Justice Department giving arms away to Mexican Drug cartels; the DOE losing billions in green energy grants and loans; or Michelle O’s $42,000 jewels she sported lately at a fund-raising event while unemployment of Blacks are at historic highs and her husband refused to give Washington DC Black Children vouchers to provide them with a real education.  Obama is leading this country into the abyss at the speed of light and no one is challenging him in court or Congress to any meaningful degree.  Do you really think this nation can survive 15 more months of Executive Branch lawlessness?

     The Republican candidates need to quit bickering with each other over their books and start focusing on solutions for Americans.  One can only hope that a true conservative leader will emerge.  There are some on the current stage with the credentials but lack the oratory skills to best their opponents.  We cannot afford another McCain type of candidate or the outcome will be the same.  My fear is that my fellow Tea Partiers will tire of the same old rhetoric from RINOs and split off.  I could not blame them since the Republican Party seems incapable of recognizing the mood of this country.  If a few billionaire donors control the nomination, you will see a separate Tea Party candidate. 

RD Pierini










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